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Finally Seeing J's Pussy

J is a girl that I have known for a good few years as we used to work together. We kept in contact via email, chat and text messages. Eventually the conversations became sex related and we confessed things to one another especially about our masturbation habits. She told me that she used to masturbate in the toilets at work. I was very surprised at that but also incredibly turned on!

J, on many nights whenever she got really horny, (which was most nights), she would expose her huge 40D breasts for me which would give me an instant hard on. I think she got incredibly horny knowing that I was wanking my dick over her images. She would masturbate also but she would always keep the cam waist height. Whenever she started moving the cam downstairs she would always keep her underwear on. Still it was really sexy watching her hand moving about her undies.

I kept asking for a peek of her pussy but she kept saying 'not yet.' I had already seen her breasts so it was my turn to show her something. She would keep telling me as she masturbated on cam 'You don't see my pussy till I see your cock.'

Eventually, I took a picture of my penis. I got a real thrill taking it and was bursting to cum even as I sent it to J. I think she liked it but I think J thought it was her turn to torture and humiliate me because she decided not to let me see her pussy that night. I think she liked the fact that she finally had one over me. She had seen my cock and I hadn't seen her pussy.

Over the weeks we still cybered but she taunted me and said 'not tonight pet..I need a shave first.' She regularly told me about how she saved her pussy and that she would show me it (but only when it was 'nice and trim').

I begged and begged to see it but she said 'what's it worth..I've already seen your cock!' this in a way made me a bit sad because I thought she was never going to show me it but in a way turned me on because this girl had seen me expose myself and in a way was using that to humiliate me. Strangely I used to masturbate thinking about J looking at my cock and thinking 'Ha! got I seen you.' In one masturbation fantasy I imagined J showing the picture to her friends who would mock me about it.

Finally the night came (a few nights ago actually) where I think maybe J had enough of my snivelling and decided to finally deliver. I couldn't believe it, when she slowly pulled aside her pants and exposed her slit to me the first time.

I nearly blew right there and then. She continued to masturbate and my god it's a sight I never will forget. I wanked my dick and blew my load there.

Thankyou made me so horny and so happy. Let's do it again, and again, and again.

Posted on: 2005-06-28 00:00:00 | Author: