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Olive Oil Wanking

I discovered this about a year ago. I use olive oil as a lubricant, and it works wonderful. I have tried KY Jelly, hand lotion, and some others, but nothing works quiet as well as olive oil.

I dribble a small amount into the palm of my hand, and slowly apply to my erect penis. I get so turned on by this, that I rub it all over my body, and my asshole. I then lay down on the bathroom vanity, slowly stroaking. (please note: this can ber very messy, and you need to shower afterward). I usually focus on my penis head, because it is the most sensitive. I fantasize a lot, about anything, and stroke faster as I near orgasm. When I do finally orgasm, it is so intense, that I almost fall off the vanity. I shoot loads of my sticky cum all over my chest, sometimes cumming twice or three times even.

I would strongly recommend this to anyone who needs to try something a little different!!

Posted on: 2003-01-11 00:00:00 | Author: