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Dildoes Are a Girl's Best Friend!!!!

This all happened on a day when I was the only person in our house. I went straight to my parent's room. I had found a porn DVD in there one day so I knew there would be more. SO I went in. I found about thirty DVDs. I selected one at random. BOY WAS IT GOOD!!

It showed a twenty-something woman masturbating by a pool. This got a bit boring so I forwarded it. The woman got a dildo and shoved it in her pussy. This went on and on. Forwarded it. A naked man got into the pool. They started to hump. I turned it off and returned it to its' place in my parent's room.

Then I found a... double headed dildo!! Well I think it was!! I immediately shoved it in my pussy. I turned it on to 'rotate' then 'vibrate.' AND IT WAS GOOOOODDDDD and I mean GOOOOODDD!!!

Later on I hope to find another DVD and maybe use that dildo again!

I'm sure to tell you about that!



Posted on: 2005-05-26 00:00:00 | Author: