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Masturbating With Sex Toys

I'm a straight guy, happily married with a good sex life. The only thing I'm a little dissatisfied with is that my wife won't go as far with anal play as I'd like. I like to be on the receiving end. She is definitely into licking my ass and fingering me, so I can't complain too much. But she won't use dildos and other toys on my butt, so I have to do that alone, to myself.

When anal cravings overwhelm me, I usually just apply KY Jelly to my hole, lay on my back in bed, and pleasure my cock with one hand while reaching back with the other to insert my middle finger into my anus. I fantasize about how my wife does this to me, or flash back to the two girlfriends I had who were also into my butt. (Most girls I knew better than to share this with). I think about women wearing strap-ons nailing me, my ass up and cheeks spread for their big dildos.

Sometimes I need more. My ass just glows and I feel, well, like a horny bitch who needs to be fucked, to have my ass really opened up and plundered. I lay out the scene, pulling back the covers, and maybe setting out some porno magazines or some erotic stories to read. I might even set the mood with music on the stereo, candles, red wine, and so on. Then I get out the toys, a tube of KY Jelly, and a washcloth for the inevitable aftermath. Then I strip and go to the bathroom, where I give myself several enemas. If I anticipate a gentle, brief session I use a disposable enema, one of those little plastic bottles sold by drugstores. Usually two or three times injecting and evacuating is enough to clean out my rectum. If I'm feeling like a horny bitch in need of a real work out, I sequester myself in the bathroom with a hot water bottle and tubing. I fill the bottle (the classic red rubber bag) to the stretching point with warm water and hang it on the shower curtain rod. Then I lubricate my anus and slide the syringe inside, bending over and spreading my legs to take the water more easily. The first time, I inject just enough water to wash out the rectum. After evacuating, a second injection serves as a rinse. The third time I take more, to the point of cramping and discomfort.. Once I let that stream go my rectum and sphincter are very relaxed. It feels like a mouth, soft and open. I wash myself out repeatedly with increasing volumes of warm water. Afterward, taking a shower with the hot water directed at my lower back and bottom, I stretch my sphincter with a couple fingers or my favorite butt plug, which I try to keep in until I get out. After toweling off, I go to the bedroom and start to play.

These are my toys:

1) A medium-sized flesh colored butt plug, the first toy I acquired, years ago at an adult store.

2) A blue vibrator with a slim extension for anal penetration. It doesn't work well because only the base vibrates. I bought it from a mail-order catalog.

3) A stiff plastic vibrator that isn't so great-it's too pointy and too loud, and only has one speed. It came free with a realistic vibrating dildo I bought for a former girlfriend.

4) A double-ended flexible silicone dildo, with a semi-realistic cock at each end. One is long and slim (maybe 7 inches long and 3/4 inch in diameter) the other short and fat (about 5' long, an inch diameter. It's red in color. The skinny end is best because it's wide enough to open my ass up, but comfortably. It also goes deep, which is fun, and the tip can be rubbed against my prostate.

5) An inflatable butt plug, which is good sometimes because it stays in by itself, putting almost unbearable pressure on the prostate and on the sphincter muscles.

6) And the awesome one-a G-spot vibrator, Hustler brand, about 3/4-inch in diameter, in a shimmering purple color, speed control on the base, and a lovely curve at the tip. This one is my favorite. It's hard but goes in comfortably and the curved tip strokes the prostate if I hold it right. I get on all fours and put the vibrations on high and really stroke my prostate, to the point where it feels like all the semen is just going to pour out. I'd like to do that-'milk' myself-but the urge to play with my cock is too strong, since I can get a really good come that way. I talk to myself, or to an imaginary woman whom I'm begging to 'fuck my horny ass,' to 'fuck me like the bitch I am.'

Lying on my back, or on all fours, I reach around to ream my ass with whatever toy I'm using, while pumping my erect penis in the other hand and occasionally dandling my balls. That's the one big difference between my usual technique, when I'm not penetrating myself. When I'm just playing with my cock, I use a back and forth motion with the top half of my seven and a half inch erection in the palm of my hand, which accelerates to a rapid slapping motion as I get close to coming. That's been the pattern ever since I was twelve. But when I'm doing my ass as well, I usually grip my shaft and use an up and down motion, almost like my hand is a vagina. It's always an awesome orgasm. When the first pulse hits, I withdraw the toy from my butt, because the feeling of release is pleasurable. I can't help but shout, the feeling is so intense. If I haven't had an orgasm in a few days, the amount of semen can be impressive. I then lie there in my afterglow, a pool of come on my belly, and enjoy the feeling of contentment and satisfaction, before wiping up or scooping up the fluid in one hand to wash it down the bathroom sink.

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