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Now I Lay Me down To Sleep

I am an 18-year-old college student who lives in my university's dorms. Because of this, the university provided me with a room mate with which to share a room. In fact, I was so lucky, I got not one, but two room mates with whom to share my small, two-room dorm. Because of this, it severely limits the amount of privacy to which I am accustomed, and affects when, where, and how long I am able to provide, ah, 'self loving.'

Because my two room mates live relatively close to the university, they would go home most weekends to their families. This wonderful opportunity would allow me a good two or three sessions in that short time span when I am alone. Normally, I would sit down at my computer, read stories at several websites, look at some porn, and then hop into bed for a nice, extended jerking session or two.

However, this week has begun the period of final exams, and while one room mate lives close enough that he can commute to the school, the other opted to stay the entire week. This threw a huge kink in my plan, as I had been overly horny for the whole week, and was expecting him to go home at least one of the days.

Undaunted, I devised a plan to help myself. I determined that I was going to get one last good wank in before the end of the semester, and I was going to have it, whether or not he was present.

Normally, I take about five to ten minutes per session, but I wanted longer. I had found out at the beginning of the year that by holding my dick and moving my pelvis up and down on my bed, I was not only silent, but also imitated the motions of sex - or so I have been told.

To make this session last longer, I started with only three fingers: my thumb, fore finger, and middle finger. I moved my butt up and down, slowly pushing my self closer to the edge. When I got close to orgasm, I would either slow down, or stop completely. I did this for a good 10-15 minutes, slowly pushing my cock through the tips of my fingers, secreting more and more pre-cum every second.

After I edged a good four to five times, I decided to switch it up to finish. I removed my three fingers, and replaced them with my full fist. The intensity of feeling that came from just that small alteration was mind blowing. I started oozing pre-cum like crazy, and I gladly used it for a lube. I moved my pelvis faster and faster, until I couldn't any more without being quiet. Finally, I reached the 'point of no return'.

I stopped moving my pelvis, and went at it, full force with my hand. At this point, I didn't CARE if my room mate heard me; I needed to finish this. Within a few strokes, I was at the edge, and in a few more, I had one of the most mind blowing orgasms I have ever had in my short time of being. My back arched as far as it would go, and I had to stifle a loud gasp as I came. Because of the mess, I had to use toilet paper to catch everything, but I wish I hadn't. I wish I could have seen the load I shot out from that amazing session.

Normally, this is where people say they're going to go have a quick session. But unfortunately, I can't. Well, at least, not until I go to 'bed' tonight.

Posted on: 2005-05-14 00:00:00 | Author: