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Inner City Jack Offs

I wish I had some of the experiences some of the guys had on this site. My experiences were pretty lame. I grew up in an eastern inner city. Our section was made up of Latinos and Italians. The older teens were tough guys.

When I was twelve, they took a shine to me and paid me to jack them off. Not all, but a few. I sure liked to jack them off the best because they would shoot a torrent of cum and I do mean TORRENT. This cock play went on everyday for years. My sex buddies took care of my cock needs as well. All in all, I was happy about what we were doing. In case anyone wants to know, Italian men and Latino men have big cocks and spurt cum like there is no tomorrow.

Our orgasms were fantastic and we couldn't get enough of each other's cock. It all ended when I joined the Marines, but not completely. I just had a new set of buddies to mutually jack off with. I am married now, but I occasionaly get some military cock from time to time. I'm satisfied!

Posted on: 2005-05-03 00:00:00 | Author: