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Secret Closet

I was at a function for our youth group at church. We had gone down to the lakes for a walk, and on my way back my friend (let's call him Jim) and I decided to run ahead of them to the house we were going to.

When we got there we were alone. The others were still walking back. I asked him what he wanted to do. I already knew what I wanted, but I had to move slowly. He said that he could say something creepy, and I asked if he meant scary or gay. He said gay. I told him I wouldn't mind, and that I would DO something gay. He asked what, and I suggested that we show each other our dicks. We proceeded to a room in the back, and dropped our pants.

By this time the others were nearly there, but we had time to grope a little. Later that night we went back to a closet in the back. Our alibi was that we were looking for more board games to play. Instead we pulled our dicks out and groped again. It was the hottest thing I've ever done. Then we went back and played more games.

I can be almost completely sure that something like this will happen with him again, and I sure as hell hope it does!

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