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Morning Humping

Hi, my name is Linda. I am twelve years old and in the seventh grade. I began developing when I was around ten years old. That's about the time I first learned to masturbate.

It happened quite innocently enough. It was the summer time and I was lying in my bed wearing just a nightie and my panties. I had thrown back the covers to cool off and somehow my blanket had got knotted up underneath me. When I rolled over onto my stomach the knot started pressing into my pussy. Now at ten I had never felt anything like it down there before. At first it was sort of uncomfortable. But after a while the sensation became more pleasant than unpleasant. Then it actually started feeling good. That's when I instinctively started grinding my pussy into it. I didn't come that first night. But I did make myself feel good. So much so in fact that the next night I tried it again. This time however I took off my panties and instead of a bunched up blanket I put my hand underneath me to experiment. I quickly learned just how to position my hand as I humped it to provide the most pleasure. I guess that's when I also discovered my clitoris.

Since then I have been masturbating regularly. I like to lay in bed in the morning before having to get up to go to school and hump my hand until I come. It's especially nice to do in those precious few minutes before mom calls me to get up. It is so soothing.

I was doing just that the other morning before getting out of bed. I had slipped off my panties as I so like to do and was lying with my covers thrown back. Somehow the air on my bare butt makes me feel a little naughty. I was hoping to get a quick cum in before mom called me to get up. So I was lying there humping my hand with one finger inserted in between my lips. I was getting so close expecting mom to call. I was hoping I could get it done before she did. Finally I reached my climax and had a satisfying cum. Whew!! I just knew mom was going to spoil it for me. But then I got to wondering why she hadn't called yet. I was soon to find out because when I rolled over to get up I saw my mom standing in the doorway. She smiled at me as she said it was time to get ready for school. She had a freshly laundered blouse in her hand she thought I might want to wear that day. I took the blouse from her and she left with a wink.

How long she had stood there watching me play with myself I don't know. It may have been several minutes. I do know that I felt really embarrassed by it. I got dressed and went down for breakfast and never said a thing about it. I'm wondering what should I do next? I have to admit that the thought of my mom watching me masturbate does make my pussy tingle a little. In fact, I'm tickling my clitty right now as I type thinking about it. I'm so confused.

Posted on: 2005-04-15 00:00:00 | Author: