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Cumming Back in the Day

These all happened when I was about 8 and younger.

I had a best friend (girl) and we spent a lot of time 'playing' alone. I thought that I was the only one who played with myself, but my best friend proved me wrong. Whenever she and her brother came to visit us, she and I would always manage to be in the room alone while the boys played outside. I remember the smell of my pussy on my hand and hers smelling the same. We never talked much, it just seemed to be an automatic and understood thing that we would do it everytime that we 'played' together. We would lie down on the floor, usually in the closet, and place our hands in each others panties. I remember the good feeling that she would give my clit and the orgasms that I would have. I think about it to this day.

I also had an experience with a girl cousin around that same time period. I would spend the night at her house and we would take baths together, and I remember that she initiated sexual touching with me. She would have me stand above her with my pussy in front of her face, while she pushed her fingers in me. I remember being apprehensive about it, then she encouraged me to do the same to her. I don't remember being able to orgasm like that, but the taboo of her doing that, got me off when I was alone.

When I was five, I lived with my grandmother, who had an old 1960's car sitting up in the yard. It served as masturbation heaven for me. I would find time away from everyone else and 'hide' under it. I would put rocks inside of my underwear and masturbate with them, by grinding on them. I would orgasm and take them out all slippery. It was so great that no one knew about my hiding place and I could do it whenever I wanted. Wow, just remembering this is making me so horny! I found time anywhere to play with the elementary school bathroom (I would ball up toilet paper and put it in my panties and grind it on floor)...I would also go under the house (it was a manufactured home) and get myself off!

A few years later, I had a habit of snooping through my mom's room. I found a rubber vibrator (with bumps around the top for maximum stimulation) in one of her coat pockets, along with some educational sex books and erotic mags. The vibrator didn't have batteries in it, but I didn't need them. I would open up the pages of one of the ed. books to a life size look of a male penis and look at it, as I lay the vibrator on the floor (with the tip end on my clit). I would let the little bumps bring me to orgasm while I fucked it. After I came, I would put the vibrator back in the coat pocket for the next time and look at the women in the magazines and be fascinated with looking at their pussies.

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