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Masturbation in the Pool

when i was about 12 me and my friends were talking about sex, i started to get an erection thinking about my 22 yr old male school teacher. i had always fantasized about me and him rubbing our cocks together. well after i got the erection i went for a swim hoping to calm it down. Then my best friend (female) came over. She jumped im with me and after a while i got a bit edgy and asked her how she got herself off! we talked about this for a while then she said y dont we try something! a bit hessitant I said yes. She said well first we gotta strip off. well mum was in town so i agreed we both stripped off and imediatly i got a hard on looking at the hairless pussy of my best friend.she started to rub her pussy until she started to moan. then she told me to come over and stick my finger into her pussy and to push in and out i did so until she started to shake. she then got out and laid down on the pool step and told me to lick her pussy, awhile later she came. now it was my turn. I told her to try stroking my hard boner. she did but she did it very carefully. she must have noticed so she then she moved down and started sucking. and she did a great great job of it! it was the best feeling. she told me she was starting to get tired but she had an idea! she got in the pool so i followed! then then pulled the hose off the pool cleaner! and slammed it on my cock! it hurt the suction on it was so extreme it hurt! i quickly pulled it off. she was so upset about it that she said i would do anything for you. so she went and turned the suction on it down a bit and we tried again. this time i was in heaven. it felt great. i started to thrash and moan when she came up behind me and stuck 2 of her fingers up my arse. the water must have acted as a lubricant. cause the 2 fingers up my arse felt great. i knew i was about to cum so i told her to push her fingers in harder and harder when i came it was the best orgasm i have ever had. and to seen my own cum just floating in the pool was an even better turn on. My best friend and i are still best friend and very often she comes over.

Posted on: 2003-01-20 00:00:00 | Author: