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Cumming in Girls Shoes

I am a 25 year old man and live with my wife. This happened last year in early summer. Our neighbors, Stacey and Pete (very kind people) have a daughter Uma, who is 18, very cute, and usually I can't take my eyes off her.

Last summer, at the end of the school year I had a great time, that I will never forget. Uma just finished her school, and she had a classic school-party. It took so long I think, I woke up at about midnight, when Uma parked the car at the house. It was Friday, and next morning at 7.00am, Pete (the girls' father) rang the phone (he knows I always get up early). He told me that his old father had a little accident, and they (with his wife) must go to his parents, but they live so far, so the journey took all day. Pete said he didn't want to wake up his daughter (the accident was not so troubled) because she got to bed so late, so he asked me to look after the house while Uma was sleeping. I said OK and they drove off.

As the car disappeared, I went into the house. I thought, if she wakes up, I will tell her I was just there to see if everything was alright.

Uma's room was upstairs, so I went there. Her door was shut. OK, I went to the bathroom, and saw there was a pair of shoes that she was wearing last night. Near them I found a pair of sticky pantyhose. Wow, my cock went so hard. I took one of the shoes, it was black leather, classic pump with one inch heel, man, it smelled like heaven. I licked it, and instantly removed my pants, so my dick got free. I took the other shoe on my cock, and slowly began to masturbate in it. HEAVEN! I took the pantyhose and smelled it, it was excellent, after I took my dick in the leg of the nylon, and then put it in the toe of the pump.

I saw these on her beautiful feet. My orgasm was incredible, I shot such a big load as I had never done before. I stood up, and let my cum run into the shoe. I could only just breathe. When my heart was beating normally again, I cleaned the shoes and turned to leave, and Uma was stood in the door!

'Nice morning program, isn't it?' she asked. I can't answer anything. I was burning red, and knew it is all over. 'Hey, calm down' she said with a smile 'I really liked it. I heard when fathers car gone, and woke up. I called him on handy, and he said they went to go, and you'll watch out the house. I wanted to go to say to you I am awake, but as I get out my room, I saw you here sniffing my shoes. So I watched what are you doing. Man, it was so weird but so sexy. Huh, I'm flashed!' said. 'Do you like my feet?' asked. 'Yes' I cannot believe I am not in trouble. 'Well, I see you like my shoes'.

She came close, and took her pumps in her hand, and lifted it to her nose. 'Is this smell sexy for you?' 'Amazing' I said, and felt my cock begin to get hard again. Uma with her shoe at her face was an incredibly sexy sight. 'Come, I show you more' said, and I follow her to her room. She opened the drawer, which was full of sexy shoes and sandals. 'Are the look sexy too?' she asked 'Oh, I see yes, you are so hard again' she said, and was right. 'Come, take them and sniff if you want! I would like to see you fuck my shoes again!' I could not believe, she took all of her shoes, maybe ten pairs, and took them to her bed. I was stucked. I drop my pants, and half a shame is my face I began to love these shoes.

Uma was sitting on the edge of the bed, and saw me. I slid my dick in many of her shoes, I sucked, fucked and licked them, it was incredible, to Uma see me. 'I never heard of men who fuck women's shoes, but I think it's a sexy thing' she said. I came after a few minutes, all of my load was putting to a high heeled boot, that Uma usually wears in winter. 'OK, let it in, I think it will dry till November' she smiled. 'Huh, I'm totally up. I hope it was great to you, and now I've got to do myself. But please leave now' said. I went, and she closed the door. I think she was masturbate a great deal after it. I went home and think all day on this thing, a little afraid that Uma tells this somebody. At about 3 PM she knocked our door. My wife open, and call me, that Uma wants to talk to me. She said they got the TV wrong and asked if I could helo them to look after. I thought it is a lie, and as we went to their house, man, I was right.

'The TV is Ok, I wanted to talk to you. I enjoyed it great' she said. 'I promise that I wont tell anyone. And if you want to fuck my shoes or nylons, you are free to do it anytime, but I like to watch you, OK?' she asked. 'And one more deal, all you get from me is my shoes, not me.' My heart beat fast, as I said OK. My cock grew hard again. She noticed it. 'OK, come, a little extra present'. I can't imagine what could be more extra 'We are alone.' She led me not to her, but her parents room. 'Wait' she said, and after a half minute she came back with some shoes. 'These are my mothers' she said, 'It's like heaven, isn't it' she laughed, and watched me for half an hour as I had great sex with her mothers shoes, sandals and boots. It was really heaven.

I think when I left her house she masturbated again. It was the best day of my life, man. Since then, I fucked her and her mothers shoes many times, we never touched each other, and she never let me see her masturbate. I hope she will live with her parents for a long time, or if one day she get married, not moving so far from me.

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