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What is This That Feels So Good?

My story begins at age 10 when I first discovered that I really liked the sensation I received from masturbation, at first I didn,t have an ejaculation and I felt some shame so I probably only masturbated once a month, later on when I became sexually active I masturbated more often some times alone and other times with a group.

I served in the army overseas in world war 2 and I think by then I realized the masturbation not only gave me pleasure, it also relaxed me and made my fears seem bearable.

After my service years I went on to school at the University of Wisconsin, graduated with a degree in engineering. I can truthfully say that masturbating played a large part in getting through college. Once again I felt that in preparing for exams if I masturbated after studying I felt calm and in control. I married while in college and my wife and I were very sexually compatible. At first I thought the marital sex would end my need to masturbate, the truth is I believe it heightened my desire to masturbate.

I had a successful career, and raised five children. But I never lost my desire to masturbate, I found myself trying things like piercing, and sex toys, I traveled on business and most always bought penthouse and enjoyed many evenings in my hotel room masturbating, it became more & more pleasurable as time went on and by now I had lost all feelings of shame, and I took advantage of every chance I could get to do it.

To end my story I am now 81 yrs old and I masturbate every day of my life and I wouldn,t change a thing. As far as I know this remains a secret from my wife and children and I am excited to be able to tell my story to you. Thankyou thankyou thankyou.

Posted on: 2003-01-30 00:00:00 | Author: