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At Work Pt. 3 : Fast Food, Fast Work

About a week ago someone made a request for stories of masturbating at work. While I've posted a couple of stories previously (see the links) there have been many occasions that I have managed to jerk off or even have sex while at work.

Lately, as my office has grown in size and number of employees there have been fewer opportunities for anything other than a quick wank in the bathroom to relieve stress. In the past, when there was more of a chance of being alone in the office or hidden from view my experiences were much more involved.

In my next few posts I thought I would write about a few of the more exiting moments (for me at least and hopefully you)-

My very first experience with any sort of sexual contact in the workplace was while I was in high school. I worked at fast food chain cooking hamburgers. There was this one girl that worked there and we had been flirting for some time. One night as we were preparing for close the two of us ended up in the walk in cooler/freezer together. Before we knew it we were in a clench, tongues entwined. We held each other tights as our hands wandered over each other's bodies. It was totally hot but we separated and went our separate ways and finished our various tasks.

I jerked off all week thinking about her.

The next week when we were closing the store together, the same thing happened. Only this time I had a plan. I figured the big concern was what if someone walked in on us. After a quick kiss, I pulled her further into the cooler and into the freezer at the back (the walk in cooler had a walk in freezer at the back - I figured that we would hear the first door open and would have time to break apart). She didn't resist as I closed the door.

We started kissing and grinding our bodies into each other- before I knew it her hand was rubbing the bulge in my uniform (an ugly brown polyester – god who thinks these things are remotely cool). My hands went to her breasts and toyed with her hardened nipples through the material of her gingham top-

Feeling cocky (pun intended) I reached down, unzipped my fly and pulled out my now raging hardon. I could swear there was steam coming of it in the cold air. Still kissing her, I put her hand on it and she began to play with it, unfortunately like someone who didn't know how.

Knowing we had very little time, reached down and moving her hand out of the way, started to jerk off for her. She kept her hand busy first playing with my balls and then rubbing the palm of her hand on the head of my cock. I started to really get into it. Her kissing me, my left hand pistoning on my cock, our tongues entwined, the fear of getting caught- I shot my load all over our hands and the floor of the freezer.

Laughing straightened ourselves and went back to work. That night I reciprocated by bringing her to orgasm in the back of her car after work-

Sinister (the left hand)

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