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I've been dating a lot the past year. The pressure for sex is a common peer pressure but I handle it by handjobs. I've had four boyfriends over the past year. Our sex life has consisted of a quiet place, he feels my tits and works down to my panties, he fingers me, at the same time I stroke him. Sometimes both of us orgasm. I usually don't get off (I fake) but my lovers are well satisfied. I often end up with sticky fingers and wrists.

Sometimes I aim their cocks at my tits and get 'snow capped mountains'. Two of my past boyfriends had never jacked off. Boy was that a very nice experience. I feel so rewarding teaching them how to grip their cocks and being the one to see the first launch of cum squirt out. The look on the face of a virgin cummer is priceless. For the times I don't orgasm on a date I finish myself off at home. I'll share those stories later. Giving handjobs has taught me quite a bit about the male cock. Different sizes, different stroke speeds, different amounts of cum. Masturbation has been a very nice learning tool for me.

Posted on: 2005-01-07 00:00:00 | Author: