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Risky Wank In School

Since I discovered masturbation I've been doing it at least once a day or once every two days. It's a fun thing in my opinion.
I have posted on this site before where I have written about very risky places where I have wanked and all but I thought I should
share the one where I took the most risk of all with you.

There was this girl in school called Leanne and she wasn't the best looking girl but then she wasn't the worst and she turned
me on in a big way. One evening I'm heading into evening study and there she is in the school skirt with the legs sticking out
and all and I became erect to say the least when I saw this.

Conveniently, had a desk to myself in the very back corner
of the room and I took my seat. Then the room filled up and everyone got down to doing their study/homework. I even took out a book myself and started reading it but the desire for sex in my pants was getting to me too much. Going to the toilet wouldn't have solved it because you weren't allowed to spend a long time there, they were strict on things like that.

Then I noticed that Leanne was sitting diagonal to me three rows over and I thought to myself could I get away with masturbating in this room with over 100 people in it while looking at her? I checked if I could slip my hand into my underpants and stroke and discovered that
I could. So I kinda waited a few minutes, checked if anyone was looking but they were all busy studying. Needless to say I stuck my
hand back in and started wanking all the while looking at Leanne for stimulation and about two minutes later I ejaculated inside
my pants. It was incredible. No one noticed a thing. I did this three more times but then I stopped because I reckoned it was too
risky. I was so happy I got away with it though. It was amazing.

Posted on: 2005-01-07 00:00:00 | Author: