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My Friend's 16th

Well i started masturbating when i was a kid, probably about 8 or 9ish. i have always used the same technique, i usually think about my favourite fantasies, then when i start to get horny, i put my finger inside my vagina and pump my g-spot, alternating to feeling my clit, and rubbing my nipples with my other hand. Then when i feel i cant take it any more, i lie on my stomach and put some duvet in between my legs with my hand behind the piece of duvet. i press it against me and hump it. That gives me a really satisfying orgasm!
I am hoping to get a vibrator for xmas from my best mate (We are very liberal!), and i am very excited about that.
I had my first penetrative (and anal) orgasm recently, always cum using the duvet rubbing technique. But a few months ago i bought some new mirrors that are floor length, i put my desk chair opposite one of my mirrors and put my feet on the sides of the walls either side of the mirror so my pussy was completely visible to me. i started doing the usual g spot/ clit rubbing thing, then i craved something big inside me cuz i haven't had sex in about a year. i have this huge make up brush for applying rouge and it has a big thick handle on it, about 7 inches long and thick too. so i started pushing it in and out of myself getting faster and faster until i came really hard, and i actually ejaculated which has never happened before, after that my pussy was covered in my liquid, i put the make up brush inside my ass (it needed no lube because of my cum) and fucked myself, i didnt cum this way but it was an experience!
My first time with a girl was when i was about 14. It was her 16th birthday party and i was staying over. we had a bit of a private party and got drunk on champagne. As the night progressed we both felt a little horny. we were sharing a bed sleeping top and tail. she reached down and stroked my leg until i was feeling extremely hot. Then i lay on top of her, we kissed, and sucked each others nipples. She put her fingers inside me and i did the same to her, we were going crazy licking each others pussies, shoving our tongues as far as possible inside each other as we could, both of our nipples we rock solid like bullets and when i was lying on top of her, i could feel her nipples gently touching mine and it was like electric, eventually we pumped each other to climax.
Well those are my masturbation stories, now i am off to read a few of yours!

Posted on: 2002-12-11 00:00:00 | Author: