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At the Pet Store

This happened when I was seventeen and working at the local mall's pet store. I loved animals so the job was a dream. Working with me was a sixteen-year-old beauty named Carol. She was a total tease and was constantly telling me her exploits. I found her stories totally erotic, specially since I had yet to be with a woman. I jerked off constantly but so far only with my own hand.

One weekend after the store was closed I was in the back with Carol. It was inventory time so we were sitting on the floor counting the number of cat food packs. Both of us were kind of bored so Carol started telling me about her past weekend.

She told me how she was picked up by this guy and he drove her home in his truck. The total trip home she said, she was playing with his dick. Once they got to her driveway they parked and made out. Well Carol went into great detail as to what they did in the guys truck.

I was so excited I'm still amazed I didn't shoot a load straight into my pants. Carol must have noticed because she casually placed her hand on my lap. I froze. Her hand slowly went up my thigh till it touched the bulge in my pants. She first just lightly rubbed my balls and then began to trace my now very hard cock. Carol saw the look on my face and asked if she should continue. I think she mistook my look of absolute pleasure with horror. Anyway, all I could muster was a panting YES.

At that she reached up and undid my belt buckle and undid my pants. I raised my hips and she pulled them to my knees in one quick movement. I couldn't believe it but she had also managed to pull down my underwear at the same time. So there was my cock pointing hard and strong into the air.

She then reached over and touched my balls with her fingers. I almost lost it there and then. Her touch was so light and soft. Rubbing each ball, teasing and touching them one by one. At that age masterbation ment grabbing my cock and rubbing till I shot a load. I could not believe the pleasure that raptured through my body just by the soft touch of her hand on my balls.

Then she ran a fingernail up my hard pulsating cock. Up to my cock head which by now was oozing gobs of clear liquid. She took a scoop and raised it to her lips, taking a long slow taste of my cum.

Then she reached back to my cock. One finger, slowly rubbing around my cock head, under the rim, into my slit, rubbing my juice all over till my cock head glistened.

I was not going to be able to stand this much longer and I think she knew. All of a sudden she grabbed my cock, her fist around my shaft and began to jerk me. Up and down my shaft, I began to hump into the air, moaning, calling out her name telling her to go faster. Faster and faster she went until I hit the point of no return. One final thrust into the air and out poured my cum. Into the air, onto her hand, my belly, it seemed everywhere was covered. I just lay there panting, my cock softening, my pants around my knees and Carol with a look of pleasure on her face.

She looked at me, said it looks like I had a good time and as pay back I could finish the inventory count. At that she got up put on her coat and left.

I could not believe what just happened and was in a daze until I heard the sound of keys at the front door. I realized it was the next shift for the count coming into the shop. I quickly pulled up my pants and got myself somewhat respectable.

They came into the backroom and saw all the cat food still lying all over the floor. On mass they began to complain, and question what Carol and I had been doing, since so little of the count had been done. I just smiled got my coat and left.

Carol worked at the shop for about a month after that, but we never alone in the back room again. I stayed there for about six months and finally had a girl friend who let me do a lot more than just masterbate. But even today, I'm 45-years-old and I still pull on my cock dreaming of what Carol did for me that day at the pet store.

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