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Humping the Floor

One day I was lying face down on the warm vinyl tile floor in the living room only wearing a thong. I did this every day, lying facedown on the tile floor because I wanted to see what humping was like, because I heard about humping and it was fun to do.

So I tried to see what it was like. I was humping the floor when I was 12-years-old and did this for the first time. Humping the floor felt good, so I had got a boner doing this and kept on humping until I first cummed a lot in my thong, and a load went all over the floor. I started to hump the floor again to see if I could cum a lot more than the first time. I was still humping the floor until I came so much more than the first time, it was nice.

My cousin and my aunt first caught me lying face down on the tile floor humping the floor and they said they would not tell and they never did because she told me her son used to do it when he was younger. My aunt would let me hump the floor anytime when I was younger back then.

Posted on: 2004-11-24 00:00:00 | Author: