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Aunt Francis's Panties

At the age of 13 was when I got my first boner. I was shocked at the size of it when I first saw my new hard on. Immediately I measured it to be about six inches. I discovered the pleasures of playing with myself very soon after. I would go out into our backyard and hide somewhere and play with myself. Never jerking off but just playing with it making it hard and staring in amazement.

Well one weekend I had to stay with my Aunt Francis, Fran for short. My Aunt is very kind, she has wavy long brown hair and a chunky figure with sort of big breasts. She lived not too far from us and I often stayed with her. I loved it because she had a pool and a very nice home.

That weekend we both decided to go for a swim. I got dressed in the guest room bathroom which is outside near the pool, then jumped in for a swim. Moments later Aunt Fran came out and said she had to get changed. A minute or two later she came out wearing a two piece suit. I could see quite a bit of cleavage showing. It was black with the normal underwear bottom. As she walked into the water she paddled towards me, sitting on the edge of the pool. She stood up and I could see her nipples popping out at me. I could not stop staring so I went on swimming.

We continued to swim for a while and everytime she got close I could not help but to look at her nipples. They were very large and it started turning me on. I remember sitting down on the chair as she got out of the pool, she sat next to me and asked if I was hungry. Whenever she was not looking I would take a peak at her huge nipples. That was the first time I got a boner looking at her boobs. It felt very wrong getting turned on by my aunt but I couldn't help it. It was so fascinating to me at that age.

So I told her I was hungry and she said she would make something to eat. It started getting cloudy so I figured I'd get dressed and go inside to eat. I went into the guestroom to get changed back into my clothes and as I walked into the bathroom I saw aunt Fran's clothes hanging from behind the door. On top of all her clothes were her green panties. Just looking at it made me feel very funny inside. So I grabbed it off the hook and began touching it and looking closely at it. The silk felt so good to me, I started getting a raging boner instantly.

So I took off my wet shorts and started rubbing it against my penis very slowly. It felt so good tickling my cock head. After a few more passes of her panties caressing my boner I started noticing what I learned would be pre-cum dripping out of my boner. I had never felt so horny before. I guess that's why it started dripping out for the first time. There were a few drops of it on her panty so I stopped in fear she would see it all over her underwear.

After a few moments I went into the house to eat. When she went out to get dressed I was afraid she would see the wet drops on the underwear and ask me what it was. But she didn't, boy was I afraid.

More later.

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