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Masturbating at the Petrol Station

I work in a petrol(gas station)on a busy a road in the UK. I have worked there for nearly two years now. I found it very boring doing the same things night after night.

I was working a late shift at about twelve midnight, it was very quiet and I had no customers for about 20 mins, so I decided to have a walk about and see what I could find some way to pass the time. I went to the magazine racks and looked at a few. I looked at the kid's mags and the teen pop mags but found them boring, so I decided to have a look at the top shelf where the porn mags were. I quickly checked that there was no one on the forecourt and picked a few down of the top shelf.

I walked back behind the counter and started to flick through the mags. I had played with myself some time before looking at an ex-boy friend's porn collection, so I had a good idea as to what I would see. The lovely, sexy ladies in the magazine were very horny and after about fifteen minutes I felt the tingle in my pussy that means its about to ask for some relief. But I had no intention of doing any thing now in case someone came in, so I put them back on the top shelf. Another hour passed with only one driver coming in for fuel, so I decided that I would risk anouther look at the mags just for a laugh.

I went and pulled a few down and took them behind the counter. After a few minutes of looking at the ladys' lovely bodies I really needed to play with my clit. I had a quick check that no one was about then lifted my skirt up and slipped a finger into my panties. It felt lovely finally getting to frigg my self. I sat on the swivel chair and pulled my knickers down to my feet then opened my legs and started to rub my clit. It was a really nice feeling and it felt so daring because of where I was, but I didn't care,I just wanted to cum.

I stood up and removed my knickers and dropped them to the floor,then I rearranged myself so I could get my legs farther apart to get a fast wank in case any one stopped for fuel. I had been rubbing for a few minutes when a big red Jag pulled up. I jumped of the seat and started to straighten myself out,when I remembered my knickers on the floor. I was going to pick them up and put them on, but the man got out of his car and walked up to the door and opened it. He picked up a few crisps packets and some drinks and walked to the counter to pay. I was very red in the face, my heart was pounding, standing there in front of a man with no knickers on, with a throbbing clit.

He payed-up and left the shop. I started to breath again. It was a shock but it was a real turn on too. I picked my panties up and was going to slip them back on when I had an idea. I went out and stood in front of the counter to where the man had been standing and looked back. I could see that I would have been hidden from the waist down. I even put a sweet box on the floor and stood on that to check whether a taller person could see me below the waist, and it seemed that I might not been seen. So,I went back and lifted my skirt up and started to rub my self off again.

The shock of the earlier incident had made me really horny so I wanted to cum real bad. I un-did the clips of my skirt had a quick glance outside before letting let it slip to the floor. It felt so thrilling to be here at work, naked from the waist down playing with my lips and clit.

I sat in the chair and rubbed for a few minutes 'till I was soaking, then anouther car pulled up. An older man filled his car, then walked slowly to the shop to pay. I was a bundle of nerves, I was naked and wet and he was a few feet from me. He smiled politely, payed his money, then walked out. I was in a whirl! It was an amazing feeling, me being naked just inches from him and him having no idea.

I stood there and slipped two fingers into my pussy and had a really hard frig. It felt amazing when I came. I thought about getting dressed but I decided to dare my self to finish my shift with nothing on below the waist. I was there for three more hours like that, having some lovely orgasms. I even walked to the front of the shop and stood by the door holding my lips open and frigging myself off. It was so erotic and thrilling that afterwards I went to work on the night shifts in a skirt with no knickers and a loose t-shirt without a bra. When it has gone a bit quiet I would drop the skirt, lift my t-shirt and play with my nipples and pussy for most of my shift. I did this for a few months and really looked forward to night shifts.

It was all ruined when the owners put security cams in to check on employees. Well, it was great fun for a while...

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