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Hey, this happened a couple of days ago. After school I got off the bus and met twins who I have been friends with since elementary school. I usually go over their house to just chill after school, with no parents there. The twins are 15, which is the same age as me. This day they said that they had a porno, so we watched the movie.

I could tell that the twins had masturbated together before, but I had never done anything with them like that. The movie started and I automatically got hard as a rock. I got a pillow to put on my lap to try to hide it. Then one of the twins asked me if I minded if they jacked off in front of me, so I said I didn't care. Next they both pulled out there about five-inch dicks and started whacking like crazy. At this time I was ready to bust in my pants. Then they asked if I wanted to do it with them, so, being horny I whipped it out and went at it.

One of the twins came over to me and asked if I wanted a job. I did not know what a job was at the time, but I said I did. He jumped in-between my legs and started jacking me off so fast I almost fainted. The other twin was still going at himself. I heard him moan, then he jizzed everywhere. Watching this made me cum all over the twin that was jacking me.

This was a fun time.

Posted on: 2004-09-11 00:00:00 | Author: