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Lots Of Masturbating Fun

Hi there! I was surfing the net and came to this site which I found very interesting. Well done! I would like to tell my 'history' of masturbating.

I first starting without even knowing (at that time). I used to lie on a slanting bar at our house when nobody was around. In this position I used to have pressure on my penis. I used to stay there and tighten my legs until I feel my whole body shake and .... a great orgasm would follow. This should have been at the age of around 10. Then one day after I did this I felt that I had liquid in my pants. I went in the bathroom and found out that a whitish liquid had came out of my dick. I was really excited about this fact. I continued to do this thing everyday now cause it was too hot for me to see what I could 'produce' back then.

Then one day I was alone in my bedroom and I was feeling very horny and I could not go and do the mentioned excersice. So I just took out my dick and starting pressing it but not much happened until I starting moving the skin up and down the shaft of my dick. I increased the speed and the great feeling was coming and I was soooo excited. I continued until finally a long stream of cum came out of my hard dick head. I was so proud of my self I can still remember.

Well after this I used to wank my dick and cum everyday. I really enjoyed it and still do but now I do not do it for films or mag's anymore cause I am in a strong relationship with my girlfriend. We have not been involved in sexual intercourse yet but we do all sorts of things and masturbation really satisfies us. We do it to each other and both of us manage to reach great orgasms. We love to go down on each other and she loves it when she sucks my dick and keeps on going till she makes me cum in her mouth and then swallows my cum. I love to finger her and play with her clit and suck on her boobs and vagina too and she loves it. I really enjoy it when I finger her and as soon as she orgasms she ejaculates all over me. WOW I got really hard telling you all this. Well that 's all for now. Hope you enjoyed it. Till next time enjoy masturbating and always be safe. Good luck!!

Posted on: 2002-12-20 00:00:00 | Author: