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Masturbating With Soap Suds

When I'm really in the mood for a very slow jackoff I prefer this method. If I'm in the bath I lather up a sponge or one of those body bath puffs untill the soap suds are very thick and heavy.I then squeeze all of the lather onto my hard cock from the head down along the shaft.The weight alone of this heavy soap begins the ejaculation. it starts deep in my groin and travels up my cock shaft I never touch my cock as this is going on as I let the soap jack me off. when I finally ejaculate, my sperm slowly spurts out of my cock and down into my soaped up pubic hair.The orgasm is one long intense feeling .The sight of my sperm oozing down my cock just adds to the erotic feeling.

Posted on: 2002-12-22 00:00:00 | Author: