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Creaming My Underwear

I love this site and read most of the contributions. I always get a hard on as I read. Tonight I've been looking at porn sites on the net so I'm hot and horny. I love to feel my boner through the thin material of my underwear or shorts. There's something about the feel of the material stretched tight over my hard muscle. It feels especially good when the pre cum dribbles out.

I've been creaming into my underpants since I was about 16 and I love to keep them on after I've cum and to feel the stickiness of my cream on the material. That makes me continue to feel horny so that sometimes I can masturbate a second time, my cock lubricated by my own cum inside my underwear.

I guess I'm a bit unusual and it's probably a bit kinky, but as it turns me on so much, I've no intention of stopping my very enjoyable hobby. Even as I've been writing this I've been rubbing myself through the thin material, so I'd better finish myself off.

Posted on: 2004-08-20 00:00:00 | Author: