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Caught by Mom's Friend

I went to France last summer to stay with my mom's friend, so I could go to enhance my French. This lady was in her thirties and just a perfect woman.

Anyway, one night she had her boyfriend over and I was in the other room and I just couldn't sleep. I swear I thought they were having sex. I listened but it went on for so long I fell asleep. In the morning before getting out of bed, I fantisized about her having sex the night before. I had a huge erection and started masturbating.

Suddenly, because I was late, Anne opened the door and looked at my six inch penis. She looked at me and said, 'If your going to masturbate yourself for god's sake do it right!' I was puzzled. She came over and said to me that masturbating is normal and fun and she does it all the time. She said that I had to do it right. I didn't know what she meant so I asked.

She told me to get on top of the blankets and take all of my clothes off. She gave me some tissues and said that I would need them later. She grabbed my cock, then jerked it till I came all over myself. She giggled then told me that's how you do it right. She left the room. Each day after she teased me about doing it right. It was a nice orgasm and I'll never forget how to do it!

Posted on: 2004-08-13 00:00:00 | Author: