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When I was 13 I learned to masturbate with my younger neighbour friend (who sadly passed away last saturday).

I came dry, the first times and some months later the the cum came.
I was fascinated by my penis, which was very small at that time, when unerect, two inches.

The feeling of masturbating was great, but I felt so guilty. As if I broke the world order, which felt very unreligious to me. What did I do when I had masturbated. I could sit in the park in Amsterdam for hours, to get over it. Sperm was dirty, I felt, although it came often.

I didn't know if I was gay or not. I married. Got two kids and now I am divorced. I learned to have contacts with men after an operation in 1995 and liked the result very much, but still feel to be thrown out of heaven, after having had gay contacts. But I can accept my gay feelings towards myself.

After discovering Solo Touch, I can make things more relative and start to enjoy masturbating better, because of such a variety of pleasure.

I like the different techniques, try some of them and am able to accept my feelings of joy. I am glad to read that there is a lot of pleasure. My penis is now seven inches.

I love 'my friend' and my cum too.

Posted on: 2004-08-09 00:00:00 | Author: