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Finding the Right Method for Me!

Five years ago, I found this site. (I know, young and adventurous -hiding all sexual material from my parents is wrong.)

I thought it was interesting, and yes, it made me anxious to have an orgasm too. I never got satisfaction from touching myself-my wrist always tired out too quickly, and my pussy was almost always dry.

A year ago, I received a Back Massager for my birthday, because I have terrible back pain. One night, while rubbing my back, I thought about trying it elsewhere. Soon it was between my legs, and boy did it feel good. The massager has only one level of vibration, and at times it can be too much, and others (when I'm extremely horny) it was too little.

The Washing machine never appealed to me, and the one electric toothbrush in my house was hidden somewhere-or tossed out. Water didn't do much, and Hot Dogs and other foods were not my forte.

Just recently, I found that a Food Syringe Cover is just the right size for me-length and width (It's for a I think a 12-16 CC syringe). I also discovered that tying it to a pillow, so I can straddle it works wonders. For this, I took some yarn, tied it around the base of the syringe, and tied the yarn around the pillow. I sat on it & shoved the syringe up my pussy. I was able to move up and down, simulating it going in and out of my pussy. Within a half hour I was cumming and I didn't even know it.

A few days ago, I learned that penetrating a tennis racket handle feels AWESOME! It was hard to put in at first, but once it was in I was able to move it in and out till I came. Since I have never really seen what my juices look like, I grabbed my mirror and flash light (I do all my adventures at night, because I am silent!) It was beautiful, and it gave me the reassurance that I did come to orgasm, and that I can do it again!

I feel so much better now that I know that I can orgasm on my own-it just takes some time to find the right method for me!

Now I think I will go get my racket and enjoy myself some more! *Keep Loving Yourselves!!*

Posted on: 2004-07-17 00:00:00 | Author: