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Crossing My Legs... Wow!

Growing up in a very strict religious household and hearing how much masturbation was a sin should have made me sexually repressed. Fortunately for me I loved touching my body too much. Around the age of eight or so I was always touching myself and just enjoyed how it felt. Fortunately for me being the only girl in the family and having 3 brothers I had a room all to myself, which meant I had a lot of privacy to masturbate at night.

I could rub my pussy mound in small circles and being big breasted at eight I always enjoyed squeezing my breasts, sucking and tweaking my nipples hard. Although touching my body felt so good I didn't come and didn't know what that meant until a few years later. Around the time I was about to enter junior high (12 years old), my mother bought me brand new clothes for the upcoming school year including a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. When I tried them on and zipped them up, they were a little snug.

I tried all type of positions to stretch them. I sat down in a chair set along the wall and the sensations I felt were incredible! The tightness around my hips, thighs and butt was so intense that my pussy was tingling. For whatever reason I sat back in the chair and crossed my legs. All I can say is that as soon as I did my entire body went into violent spasms, making me fall off the side of the chair. You can imagine I was so scared, but it felt so good I wanted it again.

I crossed my legs and applied thigh pressure (later I learned how to prolong the pleasure by backing away from orgasm and uncrossing my legs for a minute or so) anyway, I felt this hot bubble in my pussy ready to explode. For a split second my orgasm was suspended and then I felt huge spasms come over my body cantering in my pussy as wave after wave washed over me. Wow! I must have had around five or six orgasms that day. After that I started masturbating several times a day.

Although I cum in different ways, I've had the most intense orgasms through thigh pressure. This is a great website! I enjoy reading the stories. Question: Do other women 'edge' while masturbating( any technique)? I'm curious to know.

Posted on: 2004-07-16 00:00:00 | Author: