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Getting to Know Myself

Hi, I'm Joline and I'm 15. I started masturbating around 6 or 7. I don't know if that's too young to start but I did then. I think I'll tell you what I usually do now in a story like manner, that way, whoever does read this will get a full effect on it hopefully.

I'm all alone. No one is in the house but me. I get to thinking if I should use this time wisely and give myself pleasure. I wouldn't get caught if I did. I am too scared to get caught. I walk to my room slowly still thinking about it, and as I do think about it, I become very wet. My juices start to flow by just imagining what fun I could be having. I stop walking and squeeze my legs together. Am I trying to stop myself from having a good time? After all, I'm just trying to get to know my sexual self better. I continue to walk down the hall, passing pictures, seeing eyes on me as if they knew what I wanted to do. I don't care and I walk on. I open my door and reveal my wonderful bed. The window is partly open and a gentle breeze is blowing in on this beautiful summer day. My curtains sway and I walk towards my bed. The curtains open and show the outside world to me. Should I close the window? Will I make loud noises in which my neighbors will hear? I dont' care, I'm getting too excited now to even think correctly. I start by taking my shirt off slowly. Letting it come off and let my breasts stay there perfectly. They are firm and upright, nipples now protruding and very erect. I can lick them, for I have big breasts. I get no effect from doing this so I stop and take my pants off, now just in my panties. The sun's warmth beats on my skin now. I take my panties off now and walk towards my bed. I sit on it and then lay backwards. My hands fall across my neck and gently go around my breasts, circling around them until they touch my nipples. My hands then venture down my tummy and my fingers then reach the tip of my clit. Oh I feel wet drips of my pussy juice already. I put my finger between my lips and then take it out putting it in front of my face and noticing how much juice i already have. I wipe it over my bod


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