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Please Do It for Me

My favorite aunt came to visit. We hadn't spent more than a few hours together every time we visited since I was 13. Up to that time we had spent a lot of time together. I would stay at her house and when I would stay she would always wash my back when I would take a bath. I was used to her seeing me nude and was comfortable with it. Now I am in my late twenties, and I have grown some since we last spent time together. I am now 6'4' with a 9' dick rather than a skinny little boy with a little white dick that always seemed to be hard.

On her first night at my place, I decided to take a bath before going to bed. While I was in the tub, she came in the bathroom and asked if I wanted my back washed. I said, 'Sure,' and knelt up facing the wall.

She said, 'Stand up and I will get the rest.' When she finished she asked me to turn around. There I stood with my limp dick less than a foot away from her face. Looking at my dick she said that I had grown since the last time she saw it and that she kind of missed my little hard-on.

With that my dick started to harden. She said, 'That's better. That's the way a dick is suposed to look when it greets a lady!' and gave the head a big kiss as she had done so many times years ago. Touching my balls, she said, 'Your balls are very hard. Don't you masturbate?'

I replied, 'Sometimes more than I would like.' With that she gave my balls a gentle squeez and engulfed the head of my dick in her mouth. I almost shot my load then and there.

Looking up at me she said, 'Before I leave I am going to suck you off and have you cum inside of me. Now jack-off. I want to see just how much cum you have got.' I started to stroke slowly and she said, 'Speed it up. I don't want you satisfied for days just for the moment.' She undid het blouse and removed her bra. Her tits still looked good as she asked if I remembered them. She raised her skirt and let me see her pussy. It was bald and open just as I remembered when she used to let me penetrate it with my little dick years ago.

I couldn't help but wonder how it would feel to stick my nine inches in there and let go. I gladly stroked faster anticipating what was to come in the next few days. She watched intensely as I shot cum all over her tits. She licked and sucked any cum that remained on or in my dick. Then she watched as my dick slowly went limp.

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