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Postby maturebator » Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:10 pm

I've enjoyed a number of toys over the years. My very first introduction to them was when I touched my parents' classic Oster vibrator to the tip of my young erection. I probably came in seconds. Later, as an adult, I bought different kinds of masturbation sleeves and vibrators, but right now, my only (and perhaps favorite) toy is the Hot Octopuss Pulse II. This thing is a wonderful change of pace from just my right hand. It has these two "wings" that sort of wrap around your cock, and the pulsating pad is located right where your frenulum would be. You can vary the speed/intensity of the pulse and there are a variety of pulse patterns to choose from. I've gotten-off very nicely with it. At around $100 I think it was worth the price.
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Postby mushroomhead » Sun Oct 15, 2017 9:53 am

A couple of years ago, I posted here about an anal vibrating butt plug I used to use, and I would use it in public without anyone realizing it. I mean, I had the remote in my pocket and had made a very small hole in that pocket to run the wire through. I would use it while grocery shopping and increase the intensity of the vibration when I got near a cute girl, or do the same when gambling in a casino, which was the best, as sitting next to a cutie put pressure on it in my ass, and it was so quiet that even if the casino was quiet, you still couldnt hear it. But after a year or so, it stopped working so I threw it out and never purchased another one. Now, I have one very popular disposable toy that I buy maybe once a week, and I gotta say it aint fer women only, LMAO. It is known as a cuCUMber, and with a condom over it, it makes for a very pleasing butt toy. It is not as versatile as a butt plug, you cant wear it, but it sure is fun and feels good during a long edging session. I recently bought one at my fav smaller store and told the cute girl cashier that they werent for just women only. That was all I said to her, and her reaction was priceless. She started to say something and then just stopped. And now every time I go back and get one, I dont say anything and she knows me and just smiles. The process of just buying one now turns me on so much with her reaction.
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