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Zebra Print

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This time I was daring and wore a zebra print negligee and matching g-string. I put my yoga pants on so that I wasn't completely whorish looking, and to attempt at some modesty. I wasn't used to showing off my body, but I tried for him because I knew he liked it.

I walked into the room where he was waiting for me and my jaw dropped, he was sitting on my couch in only a shirt and his underwear! This was going to be an extremely tempting day, I knew already.

Our rules about touching only over clothes still applied, but rules are made to be broken, are they not?

He smirked at me, his devilish grin, and I laughed at both of our bravery before I went to straddle him. Lowering myself on top I moaned. His briefs were thin and so were my tight pants, and his cock rubbed in just the right spot, his tip hitting my clit ever so slightly. He kissed my neck, which only made me want him more, and I thrust my hips toward him, grinding us together. A few more times and he reached between us to adjust himself and in the process brushed up against my pussy eliciting a loud surprised moan from me.

That was all the encouragement he needed to continue. With me still straddled on him, he placed his thumb over my clit and began to rub. Oh god it was the most amazing thing! I could literally feel it in my toes! he wrapped his legs around each of mine, locking me in place and widening my expanse so he could get at me better.

My head fell back exposing my neck to him, which he grabbed and began nipping lightly, still working at me with his thumb. I was moaning and sighing and biting my lip, jerking spastically when he rubbed me just right. I was climbing towards my climax, wanting it but not quite getting there.

He pulled my ear to his mouth and whispered 'lay down' and I giggled excitedly with anticipation. I climbed off of him and saw his eyes roam over my body hungrily, the lust in his gaze making me brave enough to strip off my yoga pants. His breath caught as I pushed them down my hips and let them fall to the floor. He had never seen me in only my panties before and this thin zebra print g-string hardly covered anything at all!

He pulled me down and had me lay on a pillow as he sat with my legs draped over him. He started at my knee, running his fingers lightly up and down. I sighed, relaxing into his touch, closing my eyes. This must have been what he wanted, for when he saw that I was finally completely relaxed he began inching higher up my thigh, slowly creeping higher towards my pleasure spot. The whole time I laid there sighing, waiting for him to get closer, growing wetter and wetter as his slow temptation of me grew more and more. As he reached the top of my thigh he lowered his hand to the inside of my thigh and opened my legs wider. I was completely exposed to him, the g-string being true to it's name, only covered my vagina with a string. He sucked in his breath at the sight and that alone nearly made me cum. His blatant desire and want for me meant so much. 

He never removed his eyes from there, which made me blush profusely (I'm extremely modest and can count on one hand the people that have seen me naked outside of doctors and nurses) my legs twitched, wanting to close, but he shook his head 'you're beautiful' he said and bent over to kiss me as he began running his fingers over the string. They trailed up my ass to where they met the strings coming around from my hips and then back down, down over my most intimate and now extremely wet, parts. His self control as he did this over and over amazed me, because if he had began fingering me then and there I would not have stopped him no matter if it's against our rules or not. I wanted him in me! But he maintained our boundaries, staying on top of the clothes, his finger never leaving the string of clothing that was growing wetter and wetter as his mouth moved from mine down my neck and to my breast, biting and sucking through the thin lingerie as I moaned and sighed and made all sorts of embarrassing animal noises. But he kept going and going, torturing me as I bucked against him and shuddered violently orgasming over and over. Even after he pulled me close and removed his hand, it kept going, making me jerk and moan. It was the best most amazing orgasm  



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