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Zack's Jackin' Part 1

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Link 1: Caught By Girlfriend


I've been a reader for a long time and last submitted in 2000 as a 14 year old. That was this story, Caught By Girlfriend. Now I'm going to get more into the details of my sexual experiences.
The first thing I remember is around when I was 6 years old. My cousin had come over to stay the night. He was a couple months older than me. During the night we just started getting curious and eventually had our 'things' out and were playing with them. We didn't know what masturbation was. I don't even remember if it really felt good, but I guess we found it fun.
In third grade, I stayed the night at my friend's house. During the night, we got under the covers and played with our things. Then we had his younger brother come down and join us. I remember getting some pleasure from it at this time. Still, there wasn't much contact between me and the others.
In fourth grade, I started getting erections. I remember one of the first ones very well. I had some polyester shorts on so it was very visible. There was this girl in my class named Kim. I always thought she was very cute. She was the classic blonde hair, blue eyed girl. She sat next to me and noticed my hard on. She laughed and said she wanted to see it, but she never got to.
That summer, I sprouted hair and shot up in height. My neighbor, Nick, who was a year older than me, was also starting to go through the same changes I was. One night while being at his house, we were watching Howard Stern. He had some girls on there naked, and although it was all blurred, we were turned on. Nick said he had a 'woody' and said he wanted to play with it. So he got it out, which I immediately followed. He started to actually jack off, so I followed his movement. It felt incredibly good. He moaned a little, which made it feel better for me. For some reason I kept my moaning in.
Over the next year, we got together many times for jack off sessions. We started to do more and more as we developed more. One night at my house, we jacked eachother off for the first time. The next night, I stayed at his house. He turned on the movie Space Balls, but neither of us watched it. We both got completely naked and started to fool around. He asked me if I wanted a blow job, which I jumped at the chance. It was the best thing I had ever felt. Later in the night, he went into the bathroom and said he was gonna do something that made him feel incredible. He took a small seringe (SP), which he filled with water. He then put it up his ass and shot the water. At the same time, he had me jack him off. He moaned very loudly. I was afraid to try because I had never thought about having anything in my ass.
The next weekend, he got ahold of one of his dad's pornos while his parents were at work. We stripped down and he blew me again, then he asked me to do the same to him. I was hesitant, but did it. I loved the taste and feel of his hard cock in my mouth. That night, we really got to business. Neither of us could cum, we just had dry mini-orgasms. The great thing was, even after we had one, we could continue to jack off without any loss of pleasure. That gave us the ability to have sexual pleasure for hours and hours. We took turns sticking our dicks between eachothers asscheeks (never penetrating the anus) and blowing eachother. We did this many times, even a few times in his pool. Our last encounter was about 2 years ago, after I had gotten the ability to cum. I went to his house and we watched a porn and did the usual stuff, but then I came and he kept going. Then I got called and had to go home, leaving him to pleasure himself.



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