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Youthful Experimentation

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I grew up in the suburbs on a dead-end street with a wooded area behind some of the houses. There were many kids who lived on the street (baby boomer years)and we all played together regularly all sorts of games including, on occasion, a bit of sexual exploration (I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours.) Sometimes we went out into the woods and found a small clearing where we could fool around a bit or other times, we would go into the backyards of neighbors who worked downtown and whose back porches were secluded and not visible from the street or from anyone else's yard. We also had a shed in the backyard which usually held bicycles and stuff, but often became our clubhouse and room for experimentation, a bit of playing doctor etc.

We'd get some of the girls, mainly the ones a couple years younger to show us their parts and we would reciprocate. The older girls our own age were more reticent. Later I got a bit bolder with some of the boys on the street, one in particular who was my own age, and we would get naked in my bedroom and grab one another's cocks and 'shake hands'. We were not up for sucking one another, but we did dare one another to kiss each other's cocks and that was about as far as we went. His was incredibly long even before puberty and mine has always been rather short and of the variety that curls up inside itself when it is not erect.

We moved away from this neighborhood when I was 13 and relocated to a town only about 10 miles away, but still we rarely saw the kids from the old neighborhood. Meanwhile, reaching puberty, I discovered the joy of masturbation and began regular jerking off and spurting cum into the toilet, onto the bathroom floor, or into my pajamas in bed.

One day, we ran into my buddy from the old neighborhood with the big cock and we arranged for a sleepover. Once we got settled in that evening for bed, we decided it was time to show each other how we had matured in the year or so since we had last got together. My buddy was impressed by the fact that I had grown a bit and remarked on it, though it certainly was nothing spectacular. He, on the other hand, could barely fit his cock in his tighty whiteys. I don't know how long his was, but it seemed like it was a foot long at least. I may be exaggerating in retrospect, but not by much.

Anyway, I wondered if he had learned about jerking off, since I wanted to make sure he didn't miss out on this new pleasure I had recently discovered. Seems like he already knew about it. So when we went to bed, we pushed the roll-away guest bed next to my bed and I suggested we rub each other's penises. He was agreeable and I had the wonderful sensation of stroking his big fat and long cock. It felt very silky and hard. Unfortunately, it turned out that he was ultra-sensitive and was afraid he was going to come and make a mess, so he didn't let me stroke it very much and kept stopping me. I kept it up a bit, but ultimately he made me stop completely before he could blow.

As for me, even then I took my time reaching a climax (now it seems like it takes much longer) so I made him stroke me for a while before I reached orgasm, but stopped short of spewing my spunk. It was fun, but we never got together again and that was the one and only time I got to stroke another fellow's cock. But I sure remember his fondly.



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