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You're a Squirter?

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So this is my first contribution, the first that was worthy, sorry it's pretty long, read it when you get the chance


I suppose a brief history first:

I started masturbating at a fairly young age, at least for most girls. The first time was merely an accident. When I was younger, I was a huge tomboy. I have always liked guys, so I figured if I was ever a boy, I would have had to have been gay, but that's besides the point.

So one day I had come in from swimming with some of the neighborhood kids that my mom babysat. I was laying back on my bed and put a stress ball in my swim bottoms to see what it would look like if I was a boy. Like I said, kinda a confused kid. So I was moving it around trying to get it situated, and all of a sudden, felt like I had to pee.

I ran to the toilet, but nothing happened. After trying for a few minutes, I went back to my room and started playing around again, this time with my fingers. I rubbed what I thought to be my clit until this incredible feeling swept over me and I shook to orgasm. It was pretty much the coolest thing ever.

I continued on with this for a long time. Every chance I got when I was younger, and then increasingly more controlled the older I got, but still on a fairly regular basis. Then I learned that girls could get off by having something in their vagina. I tried with a finger, but nothing really happened, and it never really compared to playing with my clit.

I experimented with a few things over the years, I always stayed up to watch 'Talk Sex with Sue Johanson' and Bliss, until they took them off of lifetime, and would get off watching the shows. I also got fairly turned on by watching hot scenes in movies, but I never bought porn or looked at it on the internet when I was younger (my mom kept pretty close track of what sites we visited, plus I was still very innocent, thought what I was doing was bad, and my mind never really went that far).

So about ten years down the road, I started dating my first boyfriend (I was always 'one of the guys' and so the guys I liked usually just saw me as a friend, but in college, I got the chance to make a new impression). We moved pretty quick, at least faster than I had ever planned, and both gave up our virginity after a little over two months. I was in love, and it was pretty amazing. We had an active sex life, and a lot to discover, which was fun to do together. We both loved to experiment and it was great having someone who I could be so open with about everything. Even after we broke up, we had the friends with benefits thing for a while.

A few months after our break-up, he moved away and we quit talking for awhile. Then, a month or so later, we started talking again, and it wasn't long before we were getting off on the phone together. Then, when he would come back in town, we would pick up where we left off. Sort of making it more like a long-distance relationship more than fwb, but still not completely committed.

Ok, so now to the fun stuff... While I loved getting off on the phone, sometimes I just couldn't wait, and I still liked to experiment on my own. I have a few books I like to read, and when I have some free time, I like to get off to those, or a story on here, or sometimes pictures or video clips. Even still, I usually just rubbed my clit till I came.

So I got really turned on watching a little bit of porn and reading some stories one night and I turned on the shower and got it all steamed up. After I bathed, I sat down in the tub with the shower still running. I began to rub my clit and then saw a small travel size shampoo bottle (like the kind from a hotel, with a rounded end) that a friend had left when they came to stay with me a month or so ago. I decided to play around and grabbed the bottle and slowly slid it into my cunt. It slid in and out easily and I picked up pace. Finally, I felt like I had to pee, but figured I was in the tub, so on the off chance that I was having my first vaginal orgasm, I kept going. I started to shake and felt liquid flowing down my hand, but wasn't sure if it was urine, or water, or what had just happened.

I tried a few more times in the tub, and then I was watching a Sue Johanson clip on you tube where she was a guest on Tyra and said that women could have vaginal orgasms and literally produce about a litre of cum! I started to think maybe that was what was going on, so the next time, I went to the bathroom to make sure my bladder was empty, then took paper towels and laid them out on my bed, and began to play around with my shampoo bottle while looking at guys masturbating online (its always been something that gets me turned on immediately). All of a sudden, I felt it building up and I came all over the paper towels, probably around a litre like she said, so much so that it soaked through to my sheets and I had to wait for them to dry. I wanted to see where this was coming from, but was too exhausted and took a shower and went to bed instead.

The next day however, I made up my mind to figure this out for sure. I got everything ready, read a few stories online and was quite turned on. I set up some paper towels on the floor where I could sit with a wall behind my back and my legs spread wide in front of a full length mirror in my room. I started out slow, but was soon going at a quick pace. When I felt myself about to cum, I spread my lips with my free hand and watched as it poured out from glands just below my clit and above my entrance. It wasn't as much as the day before, but still enough to make quite a puddle (definitely more than I had ever seen my boyfriend cum). And I was so turned on that I continued until I came about three more times. That night, I called my ex and told him I had something to show him the next time he was in town.

So about two weeks later, he made it in for the weekend. The first night, we did the usual stuff, a shower, some oral, mutual masturbation (although I felt I was about to cum, I think I was more relaxed since I knew what was happening, and wasn't prepared, so we stopped before I made a mess, and he looked up saying, 'what, you're a squirter now?' And I told him I would show him the next night), but mostly talking and catching up, eating pizza and watching a movie til we fell asleep. The next day, I spent hanging out with my friends while he went to visit his friends and family that he hadn't seen in a few months.

That night, I wasn't feeling the best and we almost went to sleep, but after some water and just calming down a bit, I started feeling better and we began with a few soft kisses. It turned into full on making out within a matter of a few minutes, and soon clothes were coming off and hands were all over the place. I let him go at it for a little while, getting me turned on and soaking wet. Then, after a few more minutes, I stopped him and jumped out of bed. I went to the restroom to empty my bladder, and grabbed a towel on my way out and set it folded on the bed, along with a back pillow that I pushed against the wall so I could somewhat sit up. I grabbed some lube and told him to sit back while I greased up his member. I stroked him until he was completely hard, then told him to take over and watch. He sat in front of me, our legs on top of each others, him laying back on his elbow while he stroked himself with his other hand, and me leaning against the back pillow on top of the towel as I began sliding my fingers in and out of my cunt (I figured out exactly where to touch without the bottle by then to guarantee I came every time). I watched his eyes for a little while, he usually hates using lube 'cuz its too messy,' by himself, so the feeling was having quite a reaction, but soon I started watching him stroke himself until I was dripping. I let him look at my face for a while, then told him to watch (he always gets embarrassed, even though I know he enjoys watching). I started to speed up as I felt myself about to cum. I hadn't messed around in about two days, so that it would be worth the show for him. I spread my lips apart and started to cum and at first it oozed out, then it began to flow and shoot, landing past the pillow and hitting him in the leg. Right as I finished, he began to cum and shot all over the towel as well.

Afterwards, I just smiled and he laughed saying that I was a little too proud of myself. I told him I was excited to show him and he admitted that he had only seen something like that in movies and that he thought it was pretty cool too. It's now my favorite way to get off, but I usually only do it in the shower cuz it makes such a mess.

Hope it was fun for you guys.



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