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Young'un at Camp

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The recent stories of girls with their teddy bears reminded me of this incident that happened when I was 18 or 19.


I was a counselor at a day-camp that spent most days at the beach. I spent a lot of time in the water with kids playing and having fun. At one place there was a floating dock out in the deep section that we were goofing around on. I got tired out from all those crazy high energy kids running around, so I decided to rest and sat down on the edge of this dock, my legs in the water.

The kids of course would try to push me in or climb up me or whatever, but at one point they were actually giving me a break except for one girl, age 9-10, who was hanging on my leg. She was cute in a kid girl kind of way. She wasn't a kid I had known very long or talked to much. She was just fooling around or something, but eventually she ended up with her legs snug up around one of my legs, facing me, her body right up against my leg, sitting on my foot with her body weight resting on it.

I don't remember the specifics of how all this happened, I just remember eventually realizing that she was moving her little body up and down my leg, resulting in her bathing-suit-covered-crotch rubbing up rhythmically against my foot. It seemed very possible that she was to a certain extent masturbating herself against my leg.

Working with kids, I have a certain amount of integrity in terms of realizing what is inappropriate, but I was also uneducated in the sexuality of children (still am for the most part) and I wasn't sure what was going on. Nonetheless, I rotated my ankle downwards to get my foot out from beneath her crotch and mostly out of contact. She put up with this for a little bit, but then innocently asked me to 'put my foot back' or something along those lines, saying that she wanted to be able to sit on it.

Nobody could really see us, because we were on the side of the dock away from the beach, and I didn't see that I was doing anything wrong anyways, seeing as I really wasn't 100 percent positive she was actually masturbating and since I had been completely passive in it all, so I did as she requested. This page has opened my eyes to children's sexuality, and I'm now close to certain that she was masturbating.

She continued to hump my leg for a while, and I just sat back and enjoyed the feeling of her young pussy and butt cheeks pressing into my foot, and the thought that my leg was possibly giving her a good deal of pleasure. I flexed my foot periodically and repositioned my ankle and foot around a bit to help her out, but the rest was all her. Her face showed that she was happy and enjoying herself, although it remained pretty innocent throughout, and I didn't see any obvious signs of high arousal.

After a while I guess she was finished and she swam off to play with other friends, although not in the same way she had been playing with me, I guess. When I interacted with her later, she acted completely normal.

I'm interested in what everybody thinks of this, was I wrong to let that happen? I still enjoy thinking about it. Was she masturbating even though she didn't seem to have an orgasm? Please continue posting your young experiences so I can learn more about this.



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