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Younger Girls

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I hung out with the wrong people. My Friends were Juniors and Seniors at the high school and I was only a 13 year old seventh grader. They constantly talked about drugs, alcohol, and girls they banged the other night. I hung out with the wrong people, but then again, in my neighborhood, all my black brethren were the wrong people. I have hung out with all these guys for a large part of my life so their conversations have been there all along. I knew the stuff. Sometimes they would even show me pictures, as long as I never told. I never did. I thought this stuff was cool. They had a heavy influence in my life, more so than my dad who left my mom to take care of my twin sister and me. I knew the drugs and alcohol were illegal so I had no interest in them. However, the sex life highly appealed to me. One day, they told me to go find a young girl so I wouldn't forget the experience later in life when it became illegal for rape reasons. They told me to wait for sex later and try something called 'masturbation' because they were unaware of state laws and all that.

My sister was in a similar situation. She hung out with kids her age and a little older that were pregnant. She didn't meet them when they were pregnant, they were her childhood friends who followed the wrong path. They also ushered her to try sex, or at least masturbation.

The crazy thing is, the first person we both thought of first to try it out with was each other.

'Tanny,' I spoke. My sister's name was Tanya but we called her Tanny, pronounced 'Tah-nee' for short.

'Yeah?' she asked.

'My friends told me I should find a girl to masturbate with. Wanna try it out?' I asked.

'I was going to ask you the same thing! My friends said I should try it out too!' she said ecstatically. I took her answer as a yes and we got started. Luckily, the guys gave me crash course.

I pulled my elastic pants down and then my boxers and took my shirt off, all in a matter of seconds. She did the same. We were both very skinny so her breasts were barely noticeable. I attacked her with arms wide open and pinned her to the floor. The guys told me to start with kissing. It was my first kiss! It was great. I even put a little tongue action in there. Then I stayed on my knees and felt her stomach and the rest of her body. She had such smooth young delicate skin and I loved touching it. I grabbed my penis and started masturbating and she fingered herself and caressed her breasts. I thought, wait, I can do this by myself.

'How about I finger you and you jerk me off,' I suggested. She complied and I fingered her instead. She was already wet and I could feel the juices and all that was inside. I even took a peak and looked inside. She played with my penis while I was looking (my butt was above her chest). I rolled off of her onto my back and told her she could sit on my chest. This was some smart thinking because now we could pleasure each other at the same time. She started jacking me off and I was already pretty horny so before long, I orgasmed and she told me only a little dribbled out. I've had some come out before so it was nothing new. I laid her back on her back and fingered her with my right hand and made out with her at the same time. She was having trouble orgasming so I went faster and faster and built a little more mass with more fingers and after a good twenty seconds or so, her frail body buckled from an orgasm and I plopped on my back beside her. We were both tired.

The next day, we met with our own friends and told them the good news. They were all happy to hear the news. We never did tell our friends who we did it with. No one, will ever know.



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