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Younger Brother's Friend

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Its ok if you have had any experiences with other guys, its completely normal. Try it out. I honestly try it all the time. haha. Still want the ladies but they aren't even close to how open guys are. Good luck in trying! Oh, and post it after it happens, so I can hear about it!


Ok so this happened two nights ago. Me and my brother who is 17 had some of the guys ranging in ages from 16-19 over that we hang out with since I just got back from college for Christmas break. My brother and I invited our two friends who are brothers and I've done stuff with the younger brother before just a couple weeks ago for the first time so I was really excited to have another go, but unfortunely he already had some people over at his house so just the older brother came over.

I was disappointed but I didnt want that to ruin my night. I could just jack off later in the shower, no big deal. Then my brother invited two more friends and one of those friends brother along with my brother's other friend, Andrew, even though we didnt invite him, we didn't mind since he's been over at our house plenty of times. Now, I always thought that Andrew was a cute kid, he is 16, brown hair, brown eyes, and about 6'-6'1'. Very young looking kid, he, like me has a very baby face. Which is why I think I was attracted to him and why so many guys are attracted to me. Oh and so you know I am 19, brown hair, brown eyes, and about 5'8'.

So the night was the usual, we played computer games on laptops while others played the xbox 360 and sometimes some tv sometimes. We would of course make a lot of crude jokes and gestures to each other being teenagers. And then we would always hit each other in the nuts either to injure, not terribly of course. And the like tickling just to get a grasp but it always is just playing around. Then it came to about four a.m., yeah we stay up late. Andrew went to sleep on the couch with the biggest blanket and I went to get the ground like cushions that were parallel with the couch so we could make a big bed and he didnt seem to mind so I'm on the other side of him with his feet behind my head and mine behind his.

Then my mom came down and yelled the crap out of us for being up so late. So my brother and the other friends that were still up turned everything off and went to bed either on the floor or the other couches in the other room. So it was just me and Andrew on this couch. I decided it wouldn't hurt to try something, thank god I did!. So he is curled up and I am curled the other way so I move my feet to his crotch (oh and we are both wearing very loose sweatpants) and I start to move my feet to seem like I wanted them to get warm. I kept doing it and he didn't move and I was about to give up because I wasn't going to do anything to him while he was asleep, then I felt him thrust his hips forward to push my feet into his crotch with more force. I was excited but at the same time I was frustrated because I could not find the outline of his dick anywhere. Then all of a sudden he took a hold of my leg and pulled me towards him and he put his arm on my thigh.

As every guy knows, the biggest turn on in the world. And then he started to linger towards my crotch. I was about to explode right there. Then I moved closer to him so first he could get to my member and so I could get more room to find his with my hand. As I placed my hand on his inner thigh he lightly grasps it and moves it so show me that his dick is flopped on his left hip, and I realized that it seemed like my dick size and shape exactly through his pants. And then he pulls his pants down and places my hand inside his right side pants leg of his boxers and I feel for it, and I realize that it is not my size at all it was maybe only 4.5 or 5 inches long and this kid is 6 foot! I felt so bad for him cause he is one of the nicest kids I've met. But I realized that I would be able to be the first one to give him what he deserves.

So I grasp his baby dick and start pumping and he twitches and gasps in pleasure and then he goes for my dick and by the way he touched it, I dont know how I knew but I knew he was very surprised that my dick was bigger than his. Mine is about 6 and 3/4 inches. I also shave but he doesn't but it turns me on because it felt like he has just finished puberty and it was like I was playing with my dick from three or four years ago. It was really weird but so much fun because I KNEW exactly what that dick wanted because I used to have the exact same one. He starts to ignore my dick because of all the pleasure im giving him and I start to pump hard and I hear one of my other friends rustle about in their sleep and I got scared as well as Andrew and I stopped and I got up thinking he would follow me to go into the guest bedroom so we could have our privacy, but he didnt.

So I went back to the couch and he lost his erection, I tried to get it back to how hard it was by jacking him. But it was mainly because he was scared and he had no lube being both circumsized so we both knew that we werent going to cum. I thought about giving him lubrication, and only lubrication by putting his dick in my mouth to lube it up but I thought I would be going too far, expecially for this being the first time with Andrew. I was a little mad that I didnt get to make that boy cum hard in my hands, but now I have two chances to jack off my brother's younger friends. Sweet! Can't wait till the next sleepover! I've been jacking more than I have since I was a younger horner teenager! Maybe Andrew will jack my dick with his soft boy hands next time I see him in the dark. Hope you liked the story!



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