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Young & Stupid Doctor

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When I was in my teens aged 13-15, both my parents worked all day and it was just me at home after school until around 6:00pm, when both my parents came home together from the city. So my friend Hank (who, his parents worked in the city all day too) and I would get with each other and play some sort of game to keep each other busy until both of our parents came home.

We began to play doctor on rainy days, we would do it on my parents bed and strip down to nothing and just touch and play all day. We both would get huge hard-ons (eight inches each), so hard a cat could not scratch it. At the end of the day we would jerk off until cum was all over each of us, from both of us. (I was cut and Hank was uncut).

This went on for a year, until the young lady aged 16 or so (two or three years older than us) who lived on the road, asked if she could play with us. (Her name was Kelly and her mom was a home maker and her dad was a dead beat dad and was never around). So on non-rainy days she would come over, but on rainy days we would not play with her. Until one rainy day, she took the time to stand in the rain and look into our windows and watch Hank and I. As we lay there beating our meat, we heard a knock at the window and as we looked out we saw Kelly standing there with a big smile on her face. Our hard ons went down so fast! as we tried to cover up, but it was too late.

The next day she came over and asked if we would continue where we left off, as it was not rainy, but liked what she had seen. She offered to be a nurse and help the doctor with whatever we needed.

So Hank and I agreed and we all went inside, stripped down and played for a few hours. She had a body to kill for. She allowed us to touch everywhere (including her little mound of hair and her very nice butt cheeks) but, we could not probe inside her, She played with us too, (like a pro) and we came a few times for Kelly to see, as she cried out in pleasure for us, as she touched her little bump.

About 8:00pm my parents asked me to come into the living room and they were not happy. Sitting in the living room was Hank and his parent, Kelly with her mom and of course my parents and me. Seems Kelly went home, got undressed and began to play with herself on her bed, when her mom walked in on her.

As Kelly and her mom spoke, Kelly ended up talking about her day with Hank and I. Kelly's mom called all the parents and the rest was history.

All of our parents were very mad (upset like I had never seen) at us and what we had done with each other. They all wanted us not to be alone again in the afternoons until an adult gets home. We were all given things to do after school like rake the lawn, cut the grass, clean the house and each parent would take an afternoon off to watch us. We would not get paid for doing any work around the house, just a type of pay back for what we had done, so we would learn from our mistake.

All the parents were the same, to keep us all apart from each other and work us hard the entire time. Except for Kelly's mom.

Kelly's Mom had us all come together the first time and work on one project (wash and wax her car) and we attempted not to talk about the 'doctors office incident'. The next time Kelly's mom was in charge she asked if we would repeat what we had done so she could see it for herself (not your normal doctors office visit). We were young and stupid and we agreed to show her. We all stripped down and our cocks were bigger and harder than last time. Kelly was outstandingly pretty. We all took turns touching each other and playing around. Kelly's mom was very turned on and began to teach us about women and wetness as our time together continued.

Kelly's mom would take the time and teach Hank and I how to pleasure a woman and when Hank or I was with Kelly, her mom would step in for the other one of us to work with. No intercourse, only mutual masturbation. Kelly seemed to be very willing to work with either one of us.

That year I learned how to clean windows, rake the yard and how to please a woman with my fingers and toes. A great time was had by all until Kelly went to collage and her mom moved away from the city to a new area, which was not this one.

I still talk to Hank and Kelly and her mom. It was a very happy time to remember, except when our parents had found out what went on with Kelly, Hank and I.



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