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Young Pool Buddies

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"Young Pool Buddies"
Being the horny guy I always have been since childhood, check out what I did when I was about 12-13 yrs old.
It was summer and I had gone to the high school swimming pool to swim. Some time later I got so darn horny (even though at that time I didn't even know what it meant...but I had strong nasty urges) and saw a blonde/brownish haired kid about 11 yrs old and we started talking in the pool. A little later I thought about how much I'd love to touch his little weeny (what I had always called mine, LOL). So I thought that maybe if I swam underwater with my eyes open I could "accidentally" brush against his weeny and act like it was an accident. I did just that and then got up and said, "Excuse me, sorry", and he said, "oh that's ok!". A few minutes later I did it again and sorta lightly grabbed it as I went by. I then said, "God I'm sorry man". He then said, sorta whispering "That's ok, in fact it actually kinda felt good".
MY GOD, when I heard him say that I really started getting stiff. Then he and I were later hanging on the side of the pool in the deep end, and I asked him "did that really almost feel good when I grabbed your weeny like that?" and he looked around said "don't tell anybody, but it sure did!" Then I said would you like me to touch it again? and he said as long as no one sees me do it he'd love me to. Then he whispered to me "If you want to reach inside my suit, go ahead, the water will hide what you're doing. So I did and I could feel his weeny already getting a bit rigid. Then he said "Wow! That feels good when you play with it like that!"
Well I guess you can imagine how much hornier that made me!! So I thought up a little 'story' and told him that his saying that reminded me of something I saw in one of the far away school restrooms about a month earlier. He said now you have my curiosity up, what was it you saw. I then told him it would be better if we went to the exact place I saw it and show him what I saw. He then said you wanna go show me now? So I said sure!!
I then took him to a restroom far away from the pool since they were all unlocked during summer days, and one where I was almost positive no one would ever walk into, then I told him that's where it happened. I told him that I was hidden in one of the bathroom stalls where no one knew I was when this 14-15 yr old guy walked in with a guy about his age. He then said what did they do? So I told him the 14 yr old guy was standing behind the younger kid while he stood facing the urinal and his hands were rubbing the front of his swim suit. The kid said "MMMMmmmm this feels good and almost nasty but I love it." Then the older guy (ME in the present) asked would you let me slide your trunks down and the kid nodded yes.
So the older kid slid his trunks down below his balls and I could see the kid's weeny getting longer and sticking almost straight out (now remember....all the while *I* am acting this out with him!) Then I said wow, look at your weeny getting long and hard and he said he'd never seen it that long but he loved the feeling of me playing with it. It wasn't long after that that he was breathing super hard and his cock was standing straight up in the air, and with me gently stroking it, it even had a thick clear liquid oozing out the head. He then said "MY GOD I love it when you play with my weeny like that! This has to be only OUR secret. But please don't stop!!" And I didn't...bet on it!
Just about the time I saw floods of precum now steadily oozing out his little head, he whispered to me, "Let's go into one of the stalls in case someone comes! Can I look at your weeny too?" Well, you just know what I said to that! And we went and locked ourselves into a bathroom stall. He took my trunks down immediately and my cock was as stiff as a pole straight up in the air almost touching my belly and oozing precum all over the place. He then started stroking it while I stroked his too. He then said I feel a really funny feeling coming on and I love the feel of it....and just hearing him say that caused my cock to shoot cum all over him while his squirted about 2 feet up in the air. After we both exploded, we licked up each others cum and tried to suck more out of each other. I loved the taste of his young cum!
I mean FUCK that was one of the HOTTEST experiences I've ever ever had in my lifetime, and now I'm 47. I guess you can see why I still have this darn urge now, but with someone much younger than me. This is a 100% TRUE STORY and if anyone knows of a boy between ages 18 & late 20'd please have them write me at P and mention this story.
- Chas



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