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Young Female Roommate

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I overhear my roommate in the tub screaming with a loud orgasm


It was about twenty years ago, I was in a band and my guitar player moved into my house where we practiced. I lived there as well as one other room mate. I was dating the woman that later became my wife. My Guitar player was young, about nineteen, little did I realize his girlfriend was moving in too, and she was even younger.

She was not my type; taller, headstrong and bossy with little life experience. Plus, I was not keen on having four of us with just the one bathroom, but I had already asked him to move in and he had burned his bridges at the last house. I spent more nights over at my girlfriends house after that since she lived alone.

One afternoon she was taking a shower, I could hear the water running while I watched tv in the living room. Then the water sound changed, sounded like she had changed the shower to the faucet. This went on for a while and I was wondering what was going on? A bath after the shower? I had no clue. I walked to the door and then I could hear her, soft mewing sounds building steadily up to louder climax sounds. Then I was suddenly interrupted as my other roommate popped out of his room, but not before the image was burned into my brain.

I could hardly wait until I was alone and could take a bath and think about her making herself cum so good. By the way, it was becoming obvious that her boyfriend, my guitar player, was cheating on her with another girl and they were going to break up soon.

Some time passed, and I still thought about her masturbation. One day, I was alone in the house and she was sleeping in her room. I went onto the back porch to read a book. As you may imagine, I am a horny wanker, so as the book lost interest I started pulling on my cock, eventually freeing it from my zipper. I thought I heard a small noise from the kitchen window. I zipped up and went inside, nothing. Then I heard the sound of water running in the bathroom - The Faucet!.

I snuck up to the door, and peeped in the crack where the door did not quite shut all the way. I could hear the water running from the faucet and I could see her leg sticking straight up as she spread to get the full force of the water pouring down on her teen clit. I started stroking again as she did not hold back, making the loudest vocal sounds of pleasure as she crashed through a couple of small climaxes. I had to get up and go into the laundry room and shoot it into the utility sink. It did not take long, her cries of desire got me very horny and I had to pump that spunk out quick.

I went back to watching tv, later she came out of her room, wearing a thick floor length robe, with a relaxed look on her face, she went about combing her hair nonchalantly. I always figured she was stark naked under the robe, but, like I said, she was not really my type.



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