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Young Boys Experience

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I was 13 years old and I hadn't yet started to masturbate, though I did keep getting boners. It started one day when I was out riding my skateboard. Then I saw the neighbor girl who was 16. I kind of had a crush on her. Anyway, I was looking at her and was mesmerized as she was wearing a bikini and sun bathing. I forgot I was riding and crashed into her garbage can. She came over to me and asked if I was ok. I blushed and said yeah. But she noticed I had a scrape on my arm and said come on in I'll bandage that. So I did.

She sat me down on her couch and bandaged me. Then she leaned behind me on the couch and started talking with me. She said 'Oh you'll be ok. Your strong aren't you?'. She started rubbing my shoulders and arms and I said yeah. She started massaging my shoulders and arms and I just sat and enjoyed it not much thinking about it. Somehow her massaging just felt so good that I fell asleep on her couch.

I woke up tied to her bed! I still had my clothes on and my skateboarding helmet. I started to panic then she came in and said 'Oh, your finally awake huh sleepy head?'! I said 'Whats going on!?' and she started massaging me again saying 'Hush...I just want to have some fun with you. Your a boy and I want to see how much of a man you are.' She then undid my jeans zipper and took out my cock. She started to rub it up and down. I was struggling trying to undo myself saying 'Please let me go what are you doing!' and she said 'Shh, you cant resist just let me do this you'll like this relax!'. And so I kept struggling and said 'Please stop let me go......' I cut myself off as a pleasureable feeling started forming inside my penis as she rubbed it. 'See, this feels good, doesnt it?' I was completely overpowered from pleasure and stopped resisting! Then as it got really good, she stopped. I said 'Please dont stop I'm sorry I resisted this feels really good please keep doing it!' She said 'Hahaha! I knew you would want this! No boy is able to resist a hot girl and especially not resist a good handjob!' She kept pumping and I started to moan I couldnt help it the pleasure was so powerful! Then I cummed and made white stuff I didn't know what it was! Then she said 'Good boy! Now does this make you feel sleepy?' She started massaging my shoulders again and I was trying to not fall asleep again but it was so relaxing and I didn't have the strength to resist! I fell asleep and I woke up in my bedroom my mom said the girl brought me home and I fell asleep in her house!



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