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Young and Dumb

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There is nothing wrong with the private masturbation of youth but the first steps beyond can be much more problematic.


When I was 13 I started dating. Group dates to the movies and such. My parents wanted me home by 11 and none of us were drivers so in order to keep being able to date I complied. I did not have much choice. I was friends with older girls like 15 they shared stories about making out and getting felt up and giving boys hand jobs. I was on too short a leash to do any of those things, but literally ran home after hearing those stories to have the maximum amount of time jilling before mom got home.

I am athletic and have some respectable boobs for my age, my nipples are constantly hard when I am around boys or have sexy thoughts. I wear Band-Aids under my bra so they don't show through as much. I have one padded bra that works, but my mom does not like it because it makes me look too old. We have shopped for others but sports bras are the only thing that gets the nod of her approval. They do little to conceal my rock hard nips. I was out of band aids one day and that thought alone had me aroused all day. It seemed as though everyone was staring at me. I faked sickness and skipped my last class. The high school gets out an hour earlier and one of the sophomores walking out with me tries to strike up a conversation. I was self conscious about my condition and told him I need to get home in a hurry and could not talk to him. He lived near us, and offered a ride. I told him I was not allowed. He said no one will know. I'll have you home in three minutes. We could even stop for ice cream and I'd have you home faster than you could walk.

He was too cute to blow off and I figured I could use him in my masturbation fantasies as soon as I got home. Watching him lick ice cream did noting to conceal my nipples. I looked down and had never seen my nipples so hard except during an orgasm. He had to notice them. He is hitting on me the whole ride home. He asked me on a date that weekend. My bf was broke and there was a new movie out and Kevin was an absolute hunk, and a sophomore! He said he would pick me up. My spirits sank I could only go on group dates and be dropped and picked up by my parents. He said he would meet me there. Saturday came and we went to the movies I met my friends. We as always all sat in different areas of the theater with our dates. Kevin wanted to sit in the back row. During the previews we made out. His hard on, and my arousal were at a fever pitch. He asked me to go take off my bra and panties and he would take off his underwear and meet back. We left our popcorn drinks and his jacket to hold the place. I almost jilled off in the bathroom. I was worried about squirting in the movie sometimes when I cum really hard I squirt a little. I decided not to take the time. The movie was just starting as we got back. His hands were all over me we used his jacket to cover our laps but we did things in the first five minutes of that movie, that I had never done before. He helped me get his penis out, it was huge at least to my eye (I know now 6'-7' and the diameter of my wrist is not Huge.) I stroked him best I knew how, and he tried to assist with a helping hand. I was not getting it. So he started to concentrate on me, he was good, real good!!!

I was ready to cum in under a minute, but something about being around other people the fear of squirting, and it being my first time, had me inhibited. He worked on me for like five minutes. I was soaked! I could hear the sloshing sounds and smell myself. I feared others in front of us might as well. At one point a girl in front of us turned around. I froze nearly crushing Kevin's hand between my legs. Kevin then said lets go to my car. I was so horny; I dragged him from his seat. He had not even secured his weapon. Luckily the lobby was empty and he got things tucked away before anyone saw us.

We spent hour and a half in his car the windows were steamed up. I had at least three orgasms one that went on and on. I had successfully jerked him off once and got him off another way once. He had fingered me to two explosive orgasms and got me off another way once. If he had wanted to fuck I would have had him in me in a heart beat. We didn't have a condom, so it's a good thing we didn't. He was still a virgin, if not I may well have become one of those 13 YO prego statistics.

In retrospect I was probably ovulating I was showing all the signs, mid cycle, extra horny, sensitive rock hard tities, and I was creaming like there was no tomorrow. The inside of my skirt looked like it was attacked with egg white. Some of that may have been his cum but most of it was me.

As it turned out Kevin was my first in other ways as well. He was a bit of a jerk though. He secretly videoed one of our sessions, one where he made me squirt. He showed it to some of his friends at school, one of the nice ones told me about it. I stole Kevin's phone and threw it in a storm drain by the school, right in front of him. I told him if I heard one word from anyone, I would trash his car. Luckily he cared more about his car than impressing his friends. Bob the one who told me was pretty classy and made sure the other guys stayed quiet. I wouldn't have minded dating him but he dated one of my friends.

If I had to do it differently in retrospect I surely would have. I was very very lucky.

I retreated to masturbation, and some girl, girl experimentation to keep me safe.

I did not get physical with another guy until college. Where I called the shots.



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