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You'll Think I Am Crazy

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This sounds nuts, but the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me, turned out to be arousing to me after about six weeks of humiliation and teasing. I was a freshman in high school at the time and at my girfriends house for the weekend. I stayed there at least once a month all through high school. This particular weekend was my friends birthday that started as a swim party with at least 25 or 30 guys and girls. Late in the afternoon I went to my girlfriends room to shower and change out of my bathing suit.


I did make sure the door was locked but never realized the side window was open slightly. That window was on the upstairs deck. When I got out of the shower and back into my friends room I decided to masturbate on her bed. I laid there for about 15 minutes playing with myself and finally orgasmed. I sat up for a second and all of a sudden I heard clapping. When I glanced at the window there were four boys watching me and applauding. I was so humiliated I began to cry and ran to the bathroom. It was my girfriends older brother and three of his friends watching me. The rest of that day and evening I was teased and ridiculed until the party ended. I think everybody knew about it and thankfully my girlfriends parents never found out. The next month or more was living hell and it seemed girls and guys who weren't even at the party knew what happened. I was teased relentlessly by both girls and boys at school.

When school let out for the summer things got back to normal. That's when I started to get aroused thinking about how they not only saw me naked but witnessed me masturbating. I still stayed at my girlfriend for the weekend each month and since school was out I sometimes stayed for three or four days in a row. Their house is near the beach so I stayed there every time I was allowed to. I often masturbated with the thought of those boys watching me and still don't know why it arouses me, even now. That July is when I began exposing myself to her brother and friends. The first few times I announced that I was going to change and get a shower. I always locked the door but made sure the window was up a bit.

When I came out of the bathroom I always had a towel around me. I never looked directly at the window but could see if they were looking at me by glancing into the dresser mirror. Sometimes it was only her brother looking in but other times there were one or more of his friends. I didn't maasturbate the first five or six times I did this but began doing it that August. It thrilled me each time I knew they saw me and the only thing I was afraid of was being teased about it. I could always see how they smiled at me afterwards but they never teased me and never even told my girlfriend. Her brother saw me more than any of them and his room was next to my girfriends room. All he had to do was go out on the deck and look in the window at me. I never looked directly at the window and tried my best to act like I didn't know any of them were watching me. When I did masturbate they never applauded like what happened the first time and they were always very quiet. It became easier for me each time and I had no feelings of embarrassment at all. It seemed like everytime I masturbated, even at home I would pretend in my mind that they were watching me.

I began doing it in my own house after a while and the first time I did it in my room was when my parents had our house painted. There were three guys working on it and each one of them saw me naked a few times that week. One was an older man but the other two were younger guys. I was more thrilled each time I was seen naked and began masturbating almost every day, picturing them watching me. Over the next few years numerous guys saw me naked including a few neighborhood boys. I don't know how many times my girlfriends brother saw me but each time I stayed there he was always on the deck when I went to take a shower. Most of his friends saw me often also but I never was teased about it again. They never said anything about it but I knew they were anxious to look in the window at me.

When I started college it was more difficult for me to have guys see me naked but ocassionally I was able to. I have had a few boyfriends and enjoy them looking at me naked. They have all masturbated me and I have done the same for them but have only had sex with two of them. I just recently let my roomates boyfriend see me naked twice. I don't think he knows I did it on purpose and I know he didn't tell her about it. An awful lot of guys have seen me naked since that first time and it hasn't embarrassed me since then. The minute I know a guy is looking at me when I'm naked I become aroused. Told ya you would think I am crazy and maybe I am. I just can't explain how it affects me so much to do that.



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