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You Want Tun Tun?

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This is my hilarious and strange tale of an Asian massage parlour visit.


About half a year ago, I was feeling really tense and I found myself with a little extra money. There's a little strip mall in my small town that always has a few shops opening and closing. I think every town has one of those, so hopefully you know what I mean.

The latest thing that opened there was a massage parlor, and I decided to go there one morning. I wanted to look up the place a bit to see if it sucked or anything just in case. Since it's a boring town in the middle of the woods I expected it to be run by plump white women who usually ran salons and other kinds of places like that. I found out online that the parlor I was planning on visiting was actually an Asian massage parlor.

So I found out when it opened, how much it cost to get a massage and then I was on my way. I went just around when they were opening and it was the dead of winter so I didn't expect anyone else to be around. The place looked closed but their open sign was on so I tried to turn the door but it wouldn't open. I was about to turn away when it opened up and a little old Chinese woman answered the door. I greeted her, entered the building and so it began.

'You Want Massage?' She asked in a very heavy accent. I nodded and she led me into the first room in a hallway of rooms. It was small, dark, decorated and had a long padded table on it. I paid her the house fee and she told me to get undressed and on the table.

I did that, feeling a bit nervous of course. I wasn't expecting anything but a massage and I just wanted to scope the place out first and relieve some tension. But still I've never really been naked in front of a stranger before and I'm not exactly the Terminator so I was a bit embarrassed.

A much younger Asian girl came into the room, she looked to be in her twenties but you never can tell. She wore a rock band tee shirt and black tights (I guess that's what they were.) She was very friendly and I felt less nervous about everything. I had one of those lame excuses for a towel over my ass but other than that it was just me and her.

She oiled up her hands and started massaging me. I tried really hard to relax and just enjoy everything. It honestly wasn't a top notch by any means but it made me feel better all the same.

Since I was new to the place I didn't really know any of the etiquette. She talked to me a bit, in broken English, and when I would lift my head to look at her while I talked she would tell me to keep it down in the face-hole of the table. While she massaged my shoulders her thighs were pressing tightly against my hands that were hanging over the edge of the table. I really wanted to squeeze them but I didn't know if it were allowed or not and I figured it wasn't so I just let them press against me.

Then another woman came into the room, I didn't see her but it might have been the older lady from before but likely someone else. As the masseuse continued to rub my legs and back the second woman started to rub me too, only she lifted the towel off of my ass and rubbed that hard. Lifting and separating my cheeks and running her thumbs across my crack. They spoke to each other in Chinese and then the older woman started asking me questions. Where I lived, what I did for a living. I told her I was in town and I was a student. I guess they were screening me or something because after another round of Chinese she rubbed my head and asked 'You want everything?'

This is where it gets funny, due to the language barrier the conversation was pretty strained. I asked how much everything was, she replied '100' Honestly after the house fee which was pretty steep I really couldn't afford to spend that much more. I asked what exactly 'everything meant?' to which she explained:

'Tun Tun!'

'What?' I almost laughed.

'Tun Tun.' the woman explained. The Younger girl bent her arms in the air and thrust twice. 'Tun Tun'

I then realized that this was a full service establishment. I felt kinda guilty about spending that kind of money on Tun Tun so I told her it was too expensive.

Then this woman started haggling with me over Tun Tun. In all honesty this was just hilarious to me, and I ended the conversation by saying I'd get some Tun Tun next time.

The second woman left and the younger girl went back to work on massaging me. 'I'm sorry my friend is crazy!' She admitted to me. After going over my body again she asked I flip around.

She rubbed the front of my legs and my arms. Then she started asking things. She pointed to my boner which was pitching a tent with the small towel. 'I suck? How much?' She asked. From what I could tell this girl was much sweeter than the other one and I told her what I could honestly afford to give her, but for some reason she didn't understand how much the amount was. I had to awkwardly explain on my hand how much money I was offering and it apparently wasn't enough for her.

She removed the towel and said 'I rub okay? You want?' in that broken English of hers. I guess the happy ending was included. She grabbed a bottle of oil and rubbed it on her hands and generously on my cock. She pumped it really hard and leaned over the table to suck on my nipple. Her hair smelt really nice and it was really strange to feel her lick on my chest. But she kept milking away at my cock and eventually I spurted a large load of cum all over my stomach. She cleaned it all up and I tipped her and got dressed. I was feeling kind of weird about the whole thing, but the girl followed me out into the lobby and helped me put my coat on. She said 'Next time I give you Tun Tun' followed by a kiss on the cheek. 'I like you baby' She said and I walked out of the place.

It was very surreal for me, and now that I look back on it very funny. I hope you enjoyed reading about how strange a massage parlor visit can be especially when there is a language barrier.



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