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You Touched Me

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It all started about five years ago when we were maybe ten or so. My best friend Brad and I were bored while he spent the night. So we were trying to think of a way to entertain ourselves. I figured that we could play a game that if one of us touched the other one we would have to do whatever they said {no sexual intention} So we played that game till four in the morning. (That night all we had to do was like say who we think is hot or something like that).

We played that game every time he came over. As a year or so went by what we had to do if we touched the other person got a little more sexual like (You got to kiss my butt or something.) Nothing too exciting ever really happened. More Years went by and we had to do stuff like you have to masterbate for ten seconds or something like that.

It was one night last fall that I want to talk about. We were both fourteen, Brad was 4'11' and hadn't really hit puberty yet. Brad was kind of like the school's bicycle for the girls. He went out with any girl that would take him. Many mainly a bunch of ho's who were already on their third abortions. I was 5'7' and I hit puberty way back in sixth grade and had a nice bit of fur over my member. I've stayed with my girlfriend ever since seventh grade and she is probably the nicest girl ever to come out of that school program.

That night had started just like any other night except Brad was a little horny or something, I guess. First, let me say that Brad always insisted on playing the game. I of course said yes but Brad was one of my good friends, and I never really wanted to show my dick in front of him because I had a nice six inch erect cock, with a lot of hair, and he had a three and a half inch erect dick with little to no pubic hairs. So I always felt like I'd make him embarrassed if he saw the size and maturity of my member. I did my best to avoid doing stuff where he could see my dick.

That night, the first person to touch the other one was me. I accidentally touched him while reaching for the remote. So Brad said I would have to masterbate him. I quickly said yes. Then he took his pants off for all to see. I did notice then that he had a little peach fuzz above his small member. I felt very uncomfortable by this because I do have a beautiful girlfriend that is not only pretty but a great person on the inside, that I love very much and would die for. I am not gay and never construed this to be gay activity. But a games a game. He went and got some lotion from the cabinet and gave it to me and told me to get on with it.

So I proceeded to jack him off and about half way through masterbating him he tried to stick his hand inside my boxers. So I stopped him and asked him what he was doing and he said that he was just going to do for me what I was doing for him. I told him that was not part of the deal and I didn't want to be masterbated by him. We kept at it. After about ten minutes of extreme masturbation on my part he cummed all over the place, all over my hand, all over the floor, everywhere. Being done with what I had to do I told him that I was tired and wanted to go to bed. That was the last time we played that game. Come to think of it that was the last time he came to my house. Our parents got into a fight and I haven't seen him in nine months.



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