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You Must Try This

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Girls and women - if you haven't done this yet (I'll bet most of you have) you must try masturbating while you drive a car. It is the absolute best, to relieve the boredom of long solo drives.

If I know I'm going to do it, I'll wear a skirt instead of jeans or trousers, and I'll wear a blouse which unbuttons in front. Once I'm on the freeway where driving is straight, I start fantasizing - usually about men masturbating. I have several set pieces I like to dream up, so I can 'watch' the men get erect, stroke themselves, edge, and finally ejaculate.

I start my own masturbation by simply squeezing my thighs together. I can't come that way, but I can get myself nicely excited. When I get to that point, I usually unbutton my blouse and tease a nipple, or both nipples. I do that by just flicking them quickly and gently with my fingers or even just a finger nail, over and over. They're usually quite sensitive, but the repeated flicking makes them super sensitive. It also increases my sense of sexiness.

If I'm wearing a bra at all, I almost always wind up undoing it, depending on what type it is. I have some bras which hook together in the front, and those are the best - but if I'm wearing a bra which hooks behind me I can either slip the bra up or down. Then comes one of the best parts - I'll slip a breast out of my blouse, exposing it. I just love doing this while I'm driving. I'll drive along for a long time with my breast right out there (nobody can actually see, but it's a wonderful fantasy and turn-on), teasing it with my fingers. All the time I'm slowly increasing my excitement with the thigh squeezing.

The next step is gentle stimulation of my clitoris, through my panties. I start by sliding my index and middle fingers alongside my erect clit, up and down. Eventually this evolves into a circular motion. I like to lean back just a little for easier access to the important places.

I also have a small battery operated vibrator which I can slip into my panties and hold there. The switch to the vibe I hold in my hand (have to stop working my breasts at this point). I buzz myself off and on, staying right near the edge but taking care not to let myself actually come. If I just have to have an orgasm, I'll pull into a rest stop for a few minutes and let everything go. What a relief that is!

But usually, after several minutes, I have to start all over again. I get some of my very best orgasms this way. Please try it. I promise - you won't regret it.



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