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Yoga Class

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I moved to a new city a year ago and joined the YMCA where I signed up for a Yoga class. There are ten of us in the class, mostly women and all between the ages of 30 and 40. Of the three guys in the class, two are gay. Last week one of the women had a Christmas party at her apartment just a few blocks from the Y. Five us went including two guys, one of whom was the gay guy.

After an hour of drinking wine and eating crackers and veggies, Peter, the gay guy, said that the only reason the other man was taking the class was so that he could improve his sex life. The rest of the women giggled as if they knew something so I asked what he was talking about. "Steve is shy and he doesn't date," he said, "so he is working hard to become really flexible so that he can have oral sex with himself." I laughed out loud and said that such a thing was impossible. As soon as I said it the room went stone quiet. "I know people who can do it, Peter continued "and I have been looking as Steve all class he noted." Everyone including Steve laughed at that one. "Any guy who is thin flexible and really big can do it," he added. "And Steve is plenty big" one of the girls added.

"Well, can you?" another of the women asked. Steve seemed to be really uncomfortable and tried to pass over the question at first. But at the insistence of the women who wanted to know every detail Steve finally revealed that he had started after taking the class. Lots of questions followed and as they did and Steve answered, it was obvious that Steve was getting really hard. He was obviously quite big. They wanted to know how often, what position he used and if he swallowed himself. With every answer the sexual tension in the room became more apparent and finally (it must have been the drinks) Steve was talked into a demonstration. To convince him, two of the women said that if he would do it, they would take their slacks off and masturbate.

At first he said that he would show them how, but not finish the act. But by the time Steve had positioned himself and begun one women had removed her pants and panties and started touching herself and the other was rubbing through her pants and it was obvious that nobody was going to be stopping. Our gay friend had pulled his penis through his pants and was madly masturbating as he stared at Steve. As he demonstrated, Steve said that he first did it by lying on his back and pulling his legs over his head in a bicycle position. He showed us. But after a few months of class he was flexible enough to do it in the sitting position which he also showed us. He said that it was hard to keep his concentration and his breath when he was upside down and the sitting technique was sexier. He said that he was always able to cum in the sitting position.

By the time Steve was sitting on the couch and going down on himself, all of us, including myself, were masturbating. The original two women who were encouraging him had their pants and panties off and were standing close to Steve so that they could watch, our gay friend was lost in his own world jacking off so hard that his hand was a blur and I was doing it by threading my right hand into my jeans and rocking against myself. Steve didn't stop. The sexual tension apparently encouraged him to go on and after a few minutes he was moaning, grinding against himself and gasping. With a loud grunt he suddenly sat up straight, grabbed his penis with his hand and shot streams of cum all over himself. Within a few more minutes all of the rest of has had also climaxed. There were several uncomfortable moments during which our hostess fetched paper towels for all of us. Shortly after that we all left. I have not been back to the class.



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