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Yet Another Brother/sister Story

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Memories are wonderful, yet they are made even better by occasional reminders. Names are changed to protect the guilty.


I was almost 16 and my brother had just turned 14. Both of our parents worked so afternoons at home were usually pretty quiet. I was a flute player in the high school band and usually did not get home until about 4:30. My little brother was still in eighth grade and got home about 3:00 every day.

One day our band director had to attend some meeting and we did not have practice. I was offered a ride home by one of the older girls and took it very willingly instead of the almost two mile walk.

Imagine my surprise (or my brother's surprise!) when I walked in about 3:30 and here was my younger brother and one of his friends both with their pants around their ankles and looking at a Playboy magazine and jacking off! I had seen boys with their erections covered but this was my first live cock sighting! There was some yelling and the guys quickly pulling up their pants.

I was excited by what I saw. Bill's friend went running out the door. Bill then started to yell at me but all I told him was that he should have been in his own damn room, not in the living room!

'Aren't you pissed at what we were doing?' he asked?

'Why should I be mad? Don't you think I masturbate too?'

'You do?' he asked. He was dumbfounded that girls masturbate too. 'Like, ummm...how...uh..you know do you do it, you don't have a dick?'

'Well, I rub myself, especially around my clitoris.'

'Your what?'

Poor Billy had no idea about female anatomy! (Remember this was in 1967, no internet porn to view)

'Sometime I may show you' I said with an air of superiority and walked back to my room. I did notice my panties getting damp.

'Really? When?' He was following me like a lost puppy.

I now felt I had power over him. 'When the time is right. When mom and dad won't walk in and catch us like like I just did with you and Paul.'

Three days later on Friday night my folks were going out for dinner and to a movie. I was asked to watch Billy.

'Oh, I'll watch him' I told them.

'Like heck, I'll have to watch her' was what my brother said. I knew what he meant.

About 5 minutes after the pulled out of the driveway we began talking about it.

We went back to my room and it all began. We undressed (we were not nudists, but not prudes at home, hell Billy and I took a bath together until I was about 9, so we had seen each other.) I had a very full bush (shaving was not popular then) and Billy had the start of his pubic hair. His dick got hard instantly and I estimate it was about 5 inches at the time. I was not well endowed with boobs, being only about 34b at the time but Billy had not been up close with naked breasts before now.

'You first' I ordered him. He took his dick in his hand and started to jack it. I think it only took him about 20 seconds and I saw my first ever cum shots. I thought that stuff just oozed but he shot a couple of feet onto his bed. I laughed and told him he was going to have to clean that up before mom got home.

'Your turn, show me how girls do it.'

I lad down on his bed slowly began to stroke my labs. Then I began to circle my nipples with one hand. Boy was I wet!

'You need to learn something, come closer and look.' He needed no encouragement and was now only about 6 inches from my boobs and I told him to look at my pussy. I spread my lips and showed him my clitoris. 'this is where a girl really likes to be rubbed.'

I then began to really rub the bean and in a few minutes had an exquisite and very wet orgasm, leaving a good sized wet spot on his bedspread.

'Well, now we both know how it works' I told him. He was still hard or maybe again hard and jacked off again, hitting me on the tummy with his sperm. It was so erotic!

The entire episode took only about 20 minutes.

We got his bedspread off the bed and into the washer and I took a shower to get his cum off of me.

Over the next few years, we continued to masturbate together and even helped one another get off. He taught me how to do a handjob, a skill a few of my classmates were happy I knew! During the summers, we would do it almost every single day, sometimes as often as three times.

When I went down to San Diego for college, I missed my times with Bill, but when I would get home we would try to find some time alone.

My husband was excited when I told him about our first time masturbating together. That is ALL I told him about.

Over the years, we have found little times to sneak away together at family gatherings and get off. I always wanted to do oral and fuck him but we never have. I never confided my desire to do more with my brother.

Today we live about 20 minutes apart. My children are grown and I am a horny grandmother. Bill has a wonderful wife and three great children. I wonder if our kids ever did what we do?



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