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Yes Platoon Sergeant

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Just for a background, teenagers of 18+ are required to serve three years of army in Singapore. Here is a tale from my service.

After having been enlisted for two and a half weeks, I was starting to get into the routine of things. I was now able to control my cock whenever I saw all those hot sweaty bodies.. -drool-.. uhh sorry. Anyway, every other week, we were required to go for swimming practice. Our platoon sergeant took us, strangely enough since this kind of thing was usually handled by a section commander, but anyway, he came. He then ordered all of us to get changed within one minute and fall in by the pool. The usual hurried dash for the changing room occurred. Not because we wanted to get into the cubicles faster, there was no time for that, but rather out of fear of punishment should we fail to meet the timing. Just as I was taking off my underwear, lo and behold, I noticed my Platoon sergeant changing next to me. I only managed a quick glimpse but he had one monster of a cock. I turned back quickly as I noticed his own head turn in my direction. Damn.. hope I wasn't caught. Gays are not treated well in the army. I hurriedly finished changing and rushed to the pool. After the swim was over and we had changed back, my PS ordered me to see him in the platoon office after everyone was dismissed.

As ordered, I entered the office. 'Yes platoon sergeant?' I asked. 'Grab a broom recruit' he order 'and follow me'. He then took me to the commander block where the commanders bunked in pairs. 'Clean my room, I want it spotless before I return' he ordered. 'Yes Platoon Sergeant' I looked around. Wasn't much to be done, he was an organised person. My PS left and I started work. The room was hot but since I was sweeping, I couldn't turn on the fan. Soon, my shirt was soaking wet and plastered to my skin. Finally, I finished and right on time my PS turned up (uncanny huh?). He inspected the room with a quick glance.

'good work recruit.' he observed.

'Thank you platoon sergeant' I replied mechanically. The army drills the standard responses into recruits till it becomes instinctive.

'You should have taken off your shirt before you worked, it isn't healthy to go around wearing that' he observed my sweaty attire. 'Take it off now and pass it to me to hang out to dry.'

I was taken aback. I hadn't expected this. But I did so anyway. My PS took the shirt and hung it outside his window. He then turned and looked me up and down. 'Those shorts look wet too, pass them here' he ordered. I hesitated just a second too long and he continued 'Come now recruit, we're all men here.' I had no choice but to comply. I was now naked save for my briefs. 'Those look uncomfortable, lock the door and take them off' he ordered. I almost couldn't believe my ears but what could I do? and secretly, I was enjoying this.

'Are you embarrassed?' he asked.

'Yes Platoon Sergeant' I replied

'Because your standing naked in front of me?'

'Yes Platoon Sergeant'

'Hardly seems fair does it?'

'HUH??' was the one word that went through my mind. Was he suggesting what I thought he was?? I couldn't think of anything to say. But there was no need to say anything. My PS was naked within seconds, his own member in full view. His insanely well built body combined with his hot penis instantly caused mine to rise to full mast and I tried to cover it up. 'I didn't give you permission to cover up Recruit. Now take those hands away.' I reluctantly removed my hands exposing my 4.5inch cock. I was ok with the rest of my body, but my tiny cock was my hidden shame. 'Hmm..have you been masturbating?' my PS inquired. Masturbation was illegal in the army. 'No Platoon Sergeant' I wasn't lying, it had been a chore to control myself but I did. No telling which nut would put cameras in the toilets hoping to catch stupid recruits.

'Lie on the bed recruit' he ordered 'we're going to play a little game'

I lay myself down, scared and excited at what was happening. 'Now, I'm going to stroke your cock, and if you cum before 5 minutes are up, there will be a punishment waiting for you. (Hardly fair, I thought, no chance in hell I was gonna make it) To make it fair, I'll start slow. but ever sign of enjoyment I sense u exhibit, I'll speed up a notch. Now close your eyes and I'll start.' Ok, now at least I had a sporting chance. He started the timer in his watch and began stroking slowly.

OH MY!! His hands was MAGIC!! Every time he reached the top he twirled around my head with his thumb once, sending waves of pleasure through my body. I spasmed a little and he sped up the movement. It was too hard to control and I moaned. He sped up again. '4 mins' he told me. Had it been so fast? time sure flies when your having fun. I felt my PS climb onto the bed and something stroke my face. 'Open your eyes recruit'. I did and was met with the sight of his 9 inch member. I couldn't hold it in anymore and expelled globs of white cum. No.. I had lost..

My PS ordered me to get up and dress myself, my clothes having dried under the hot sun. 'We shall save your punishment for another day.' he smiled 'and I trust you will keep this to yourself?'

'Yes platoon sergeant'



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